naffco fire equipments in Pakistan

NAFFCO fire equipment:

NAFFCO fire equipment is a blessing as a modern invention for protecting valuable lives and assets. There are innumerable things that are particularly designed for fighting fire like fire extinguishers, fire alarm systems, and a lot more. Some are particular in the protection of workers like firefighters and some safety equipment is particularly designed for the health department i.e for doctors and other medical staff.

NAFFCO fire fighting equipment is enough to meet the needs of every aspect of life regarding fire fighting because NAFFCO provides:

NAFFCO fire equipment
NAFFCO fire equipment

Fire fighting trucks and vehicles.

Fire pumps and controllers.

Fire protection systems.

Passive fire protection.

Extra low-voltage solutions.

Medical Safety.

And training for everything.

NAFFCO fire fighting equipment is capable of fighting fire anywhere in public and private areas.

NAFFCO fire alarm systems:

NAFFCO fire alarm systems are outstanding fire fighting equipment for minimizing losses. There are different components of the NAFFCO fire alarm system which perform their respective functions from making an alarm to alerting the public to extinguish the fire.more

The best fire alarm for your building:

NAFFCO fire alarm system is best for your building rather it is domestic or commercial. Protection is required everywhere, so don’t delay to install a fire alarm system in your building.

The smoke detector of the fire alarm system will detect the smoke which is a product of fire and then the control panel will make a siren for alerting all the people about the emergency situation.

Fire detection and notification system:

There are different series that are rich in specific features for coping with the needs of particular areas. The top series is ‘Fire, Gas, and Extinguishant system, the other series are:

The Legacy series.

The infiNET series.

The Omega series.

Each series is certified and consists of control panels, call points and sounders.

Gas detection system:

There are many dangerous gases that can threaten human lives. For detecting those gases NAFFCO presents the gas detection system.

It is capable of detecting the excess amounts of the following gases:

1- Ammonia.

2- Carbon Monoxide.

3- Sulphur dioxide.

4- Hydrogen chloride.

5- Nitrogen dioxide.

6- Nitric oxide.

7- Hydrogen.

8- Many other gases.

Extinguishant control system:

Extinguishant control system is compulsory for installing in the buildings for extinguishing the fire. It is unique in its function.

Voice evacuation system:

Voice evacuation system informs the people about the outbreak of the fire. The people will escape the building to save their lives.

Fire rated cable:

NAFFCO’s fire rated cable is certified by LPCP. These wires are capable of bearing the temperature up till 830°C. The connection of fire rated cable with fire alarm ensures the protection.

Emergency lighting system:

In an emergency, the vision may be limited due to the presence of smoke and fire or the absence of power.

The Emergency lighting system is perfectly designed for covering such issues by providing lights for escape from the emergency.

NAFFCO fire extinguisher:

NAFFCO fire extinguishers are most compact, reliable and durable fire extinguishers for extinguishing the fires. Fire extinguishers can be regarded as the main fire fighting equipment so they are installed everywhere. NAFFCO fire extinguishers are available for cars and other means of transportation. There are various types of NAFFCO fire extinguishers:

1- Water-type fire extinguisher.

2- Foam-type fire extinguisher.

3- CO2 fire extinguisher.

4- Wet chemical fire extinguisher.

5- Clean agent fire extinguisher.

6- Dry chemical powder fire extinguisher.

All these fire extinguishers are manufactured by the NAFFCO for ensuring maximum protection from fire hazards.

Naffco fire extinguisher price in pakistan

NAFFCO is an international UL Listed brand ,Naffco fire extinguisher price is depend on size and types average price is 15,000


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3m safety product in Pakistan

3m safety product in Pakistan

3M safety products:

3M safety products are must to have safety equipment for the workers, rather those workers have to fight with fire or they belong to medical field. The workers can protect others only if they will protect themselves completely. Keeping this very reason, 3M safety products are developed.
3M PPE(personal protection equipment) is such a durable equipment that will work for you as long as you have to work. This comfort is necessary to work attentively.

50 years of successful safety equipment production, are celebrated by the 3M. It is the first company approved by the US government for producing 3M filtering facepiece respirator and 3M E-A-R ear plugs.
3M is determine for providing safety products to the health department. In the coronavirus outbreak 3M understands the need of medical staff and hospitals and work harder to cope up those needs.

3m safety product in Pakistan
3m safety product in Pakistan

3M carefully understands the nature of hazards and consequently design 3M safety products which are perfect for dealing with those hazards.
Furthermore, we provide trainings to the newbies for making them expert in operating the safety equipment. This training is conducted in both ways, online and in-person.

3M cut resistant gloves:
3M cut resistant gloves is an innovation in the 3M Safety products field. There are alot of to-do tasks in a firefighter or other workers list. The tasks involves bending the sharp objects in machines, cutting, holding the object with extreme temperatures etc.
All these tasks are performed by the hands. If there is no protection on the hands and a person do such a tough task, with bare handedly, it will cause severe damage to the hands. This is the reason 3M cut resistant gloves are designed and available in different versions.

3M PPE( personal protection equipment) has an endless list of safety products. The 3M PPE is able to provide each and every thing required in all the different fields of life. It can provide protection from head to toe.
Some of the 3M PPE is mentioned below:
1- Head and Face protection.
2- Hearing protection.
3- Apparel and workwear.
4- Fall protection.
5- Protective communications.
6- Respiratory protection.
7- Hearing protection.
8- Protective communications.
9- Welding protection.

3M safety helmet:
3M safety helmet provide ultimate protection to the head of the workers. Head is a sensitive organ and while working it is more prone to injuries etc. 3M safety helmets protects the head against falling objects and hits.
There is a wide list of 3M safety helmets:
1- 3M™ Total Performance Gold-coated.
2- 3M™ Hard Hat, Uvicator, Ratchet, Ventilated, Plastic Sweatband, Red, G3000NUV-RD, 20 ea/Case.
3- 3M™ Hard Hat, 4-Point Ratchet Suspension, Grey, H-708R, 20 ea/Case.
4- 3M™ SecureFit™ Safety Helmet X5000 Series.
5- 3M™ Hard Hat, Uvicator, Ratchet, Ventilated, Plastic Sweatband, Yellow, G3000NUV-GU, 20 ea/Case.
3M safety goggles:
3M safety goggles is a protection for the eyes of workers. Eyes are the most delicate organs and needs some extra protection. 3M goggles are designed according to such requirements.
There are available in different designs and lenses.
Different designs provide the best adjustment to the different faces. Different lenses ensures the safety from high frequency lights and glares etc.more

Some of the 3M safety goggles are mentioned below:
1- 3M™ SecureFit™ Safety Glasses 600 Series.
2- 3M™ Foam and TPE Gaskets.
3- 3M™ SecureFit™ 400 Series Readers Safety Glasses.
4- 3M™ SecureFit™ Safety Glasses 400 Series.
5- 3M™ Fahrenheit™ Safety Goggles.
And many more.
3M welding helmet:
3M welding helmet is specifically designed for the welding process. During welding welders needs a special protection of face and head because the flames are very dangerous and affect the sensitive skin immediately.
3M safety helmet meets all the safety needs of welders by covering their head and face.

Safety equipment suppliers in Pakistan

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Fire Alarm System in Pakistan

The Fire Alarm System is designed for warning about the presence of smoke, a toxic gas carbon monoxide, or fire. There are particular sensors that sense these toxic elements and make an alarm that alerts people to take caution..

Purpose of fire alarm system

The purpose of the fire alarm system is very important, it alerts the people about the presence of toxic things as well as:

1- They sense the presence of heat, smoke, and fire.

2- Fire alarm systems are equipped with alarms that can be heard and seen, for alerting the audience.

3- They immediately start the protection function, like activating the fire sprinkler system, etc.

Types of fire alarm systems:

There are different types of fire alarm systems like:

Conventional Fire Alarm System:

In a conventional fire alarm system, there are many call points and detectors. There are different zones in the call points for dividing the building into small divisions, to exactly detect the area and reason for fire, and to overcome it easily. Any sort of bell or sound is connected with the control panel for producing sounds. Every zone contains either light, texts, or both. The whole system is controlled by the main unit.

Addressable fire alarm system:

Addressable alarm system and conventional fire alarm system works similarly. The only is that, there is a specific ‘address’ for every detector in the addressable fire alarm system. This feature helps in detecting the exact call point that triggers the alarm.

The formation of the detection circuit is a loop like, in every loop even 99 devices can be connected. There are different sections for dividing the loops so that if a fault occurs, only a limited area gets damaged and the rest of the area keeps on working properly.

Intelligent fire alarm system:

The intelligent  alarm system is the latest fire alarm system. All detectors of these alarm systems have their own computers, which helps in detecting the accurate reason of the alarm’s ringing. The reason for alarm can be a fire, any fault, or fixing of detectors.

There are different versions of intelligent alarm systems depending upon the number of loops. You can choose the version that suits the size of your building.

Wireless fire alarm system:

As the name indicates, the wireless alarm system is free from the trouble of wires. All the components are interconnected with the help of radio communications. There is a control panel that operates the whole system.

Importance of fire alarm systems:

Fire Alarm System
Fire Alarm System alarm systems have undeniable importance. They are installed in almost every building for protection purposes. When a hazard is reported at the early stages, it is easy to overcome which minimizes the damage. People can instantly escape from dangerous situations after hearing the warning alarms from the fire alarm systems.more



Fire alarm systems are installed in various buildings to make sure that they can alert people about any toxic element, which in turn ensures the safety of everything. There are different components of a  alarm system. The detectors are present in them which can sense heat, smoke, carbon monoxide, or other toxic elements.

Different types of  alarm systems like addressable fire alarm systems, conventional   alarm systems, intelligent fire alarm systems, and wireless fire alarm systems can be selected for installation in the buildings.

Fire Alarm System Price in Pakistan

Alarm system price depend on brand and quinty but average price on system 50,000


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Fire Fighting Equipment List That are available in Pakistan

Fire Fighting Equipment List

A fire fighting equipment list is important to know for fighting the fire when a fire outbreaks. Disasters may happen, natural disasters like earthquakes or floods cannot be controlled by human beings but some disasters can be controlled by humans.

Fire also belongs to such disasters which can be controlled with the help of fire fighting equipment.

There is a long list of fire fighting equipment for extinguishing the fire. The purpose of designing different firefighting equipment is to fight the different classes of fire.

The fire can outbreak due to different materials and it spreads due to the burning of different materials like paper, cloth, oil, etc. The fire is divided into different classes depending upon the material which is burning during the fire.

Different places contain different assets and materials therefore the classes of fire differ. So, knowing that, which class of fire will be extinguished with which fire fighting equipment is compulsory.

Given below is a list of fire fighting equipment which are which is available in 2022 at Adamsfiretech:

1- Fire extinguishers:

It is the most common fire fighting equipment which is used to extinguish a fire. There are different types of fire extinguishers, like CO2 fire extinguishers, water-type fire extinguishers, hallotron fire extinguishers etc.

Each type of fire extinguisher is specially designed for suppressing different classes of fire.

2- Fire Alarm System:

The fire alarm system is a full-fledged system that is able to suppress the fire by detecting the smoke. The alarm rings after sensing the smoke and initiates the fire suppressing systems. Fire alarm systems are mostly automatic.

3- Smoke detectors:

Smoke detectors are simple devices that are installed in homes or buildings almost in every room for detecting the smoke produced by the fire. In this way, the wire can be controlled as soon as it outbreaks.

4- Heat detector:

The heat detector determines the change in temperature of the specific place where they are installed. Knowing about the rise in temperature can prevent the chance of a fire.

5- Fire Hydrant system:

A fire hydrant system has a linked system of pipes, valves, and a water supply. When the fire occurs, the long pipes of fire hydrant systems are dragged near the fire scene, and valves are opened which then supply water with high pressure for extinguishing the fire.

6- Fire suppression system:

A fire suppression system is also a complete system of equipment that is linked together for suppressing the fire. There are different types of fire suppression systems, which are effective for extinguishing different classes of fire.

7- Fire doors:

Fire doors look like ordinary doors but they are extremely beneficial in their use. These doors, when shut, separate the room with fire from the other rooms. Fire doors also extinguish the fire.

8- Emergency and Safety signs:

Emergency and safety signs are fixed at different places for warning about the expected hazards to the people. These signs can indicate no smoking, slippery surfaces, dangerous curves, and a lot more.

When people see the signs, they become alert and take caution to avoid those accidents.

9- Fire Safety first aid kit:

A fire safety first aid kit contains all the essentials which are effective on the injuries and wounds, that result from the fires. It contains all the ointments and bandages required instantly for burns.

10- Fire Hoses:

Fire hoses are pipes used for carrying the water from one place to another, normally from the water supply source to the fire scene, for extinguishing the fire. Fire hoses vary in terms of width and length.

11- Fire Buckets:

Fire buckets are like ordinary buckets in shape, but they are filled with water, sand, or any other fire-suppressing material. These buckets can be used instantly in case of an emergency.

12- Fire Blankets:

As the name indicates fire blankets are blanket-like things, which are made for extinguishing a fire. The fire blanket is wrapped over the burning objects or persons.

13- Flamezorb:

Flamezorb is spread on the fire as sand but it is more effective than sand. It immediately stops the fire.

14- Fire sprinklers:

Fire sprinklers are small fire fighting equipment with big advantages. Fire sprinklers sense the rise in temperature and initiate the fire fighting system which extinguishes the fire.

15- Fire suit/ Firefighter gear:

Fire suit/ Firefighter gear is made for the firefighters for safety while extinguishing the fire. This suit is necessary to wear before jumping into fire otherwise the firefighters may lose their lives. It contains all accessories to cover every body part.

16- Fire Fighting vehicle:

A fire fighting vehicle is beneficial because it is mobile and it can easily move from one place to another for extinguishing a fire.  They can carry heavy fire fighting equipment from one place to another.

17- Fire Cabinet:

A fire Cabinet is a safe place for keeping the fire hoses, used to extinguish the fire by carrying the water from one place to another. A fire cabinet ensures the protection of fire hoses.

18- Fire extinguisher ball:

Fire extinguisher ball is just like football in looking, but they contain a fire fighting agent inside them. Fire extinguisher balls are thrown on the fire, they burst with the heat and spread the fire fighting agent on the fire and the fire extinguishes.

19- Firefighting pumps:

Fire fighting pumps are electrically operated pumps. These pumps help the water to travel from the water source to the fire scene. These pumps generate pressure in the water which proves more effective in extinguishing the fire.

20- Firefighter gloves:

Firefighter gloves are designed for the protection of the hands of the firefighters. Hands are the most used organs in fighting against fire therefore, special gloves are designed for them.

Why need fire fighting equipment’s ?

Fire Fighting Equipment List
Fire Fighting Equipment List

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