Fire hydrant system:

A fire hydrant system is a network of underground pipes and valves that provide a source of water for firefighters to use in case of a fire. The system is connected to a municipal water supply and can also draw water from nearby lakes, rivers, or reservoirs.

If a fire takes place, the fire fighters can easily access the water by turning on the valve.
The fire hydrant system comprises of pillars and pipes.

Each and every part of the system is painted red. Painting the system with red color makes it visible. It can built a very high pressure in the water. High pressurized water knocks out the fire in just a few seconds.
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Fire hydrant system
Fire hydrant system

Types of fire hydrant system:

There are two types of fire hydrant system, designed for using at different places:

Wet hydrant:

There are certain regions which have a moderate temperature. In such regions wet hydrant systems are installed because the water in pipes do not get freezed.

Dry hydrant:

There are certain other regions which are extremely cold and water gets freeze in those areas. In such regions, the water is not allowed to stay in pipes to avoid it from freezing. There are underground storage sources and when water is required, the valve is opened and water starts flowing in the pipes.

How do fire hydrant system functions:

There are many pipes and valves that collectively make the fire hydrant system. If unfortunately a fire takes place, firefighter looks for the fire hydrant system. There is a cover on the valve of the system, a pentagonal wrench is required to remove that cover.

When the cover is removed, hose pipes are fixed with the valve to take the water.
There are different nuts and bolts, by rotating them, the water starts flowing in the pipes. The design of fire hydrant system ensures a maintained pressure and direction of water.

Advantages of fire hydrant:

There are certain benefits of fire hydrant system:

1- They can extinguish many classes of fire.
2- They are capable to knock out fires spread on larger areas.
3- The high pressurized water releasing from the fire hydrant system can put down the fire instantly.

4- They are able to reach different heights and angles for throwing water.
5- No risk of water leakage.
6- They have a long live and low maintenance.
7- Extremely Durable.

Disadvantages of fire hydrant system:

1- They are not automatic and a manual operation is required.
2- Two persons are required to handle high pressure of water in the hose.
3- The water at high pressure damages the equipment.

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A Fire hydrant is a connection point by which firefighters can tap into a water supply. It is a component of active fire protection. By connecting a hose to a hydrant, they gain access to all the water they need to douse a burning building.


There are different types of Fire Hydrant Valve like Double Headed Hydrant Valve, Screw Type Hydrant Valve and Single Headed Hydrant Valves.
In Fire Hydrant System main keypart is Fire Hydrant Valves.
Hose Reel are installed in Hose Box and that Hose Reel is directly connected to Fire Hydrants.
When something happen and someone open Fire Hydrant Valve, water comes out with fully force.
Sometimes in big industrial setup, permanent Fire Stand Post also used to fight against fire.
There are main two types of metal in which Fire Hydrant Valves available is bronze and brase.

Adams Fire Tech sees hydrants as a critical fire fighting product, which needs to serve its purpose without fail. Designed built and tested for dependability, Adams Fire Tech has UL/FM hydrant model SF-F-06 provides smooth and optimum performance with highest quality.

Adams Fire Tech fire hydrants are generally made in cast iron and in ductile iron too as per customer’s demand. Adams Fire Tech Fire Hydrants are used in commercial centers, colleges, hospitals, shopping malls, etc.

Adams Fire Tech Fire Hydrants, which are designed to be weatherproof, are normally equipped with hoses, hose nozzles, hydrant wrenches, spanner wrenches, fie axes, and flashing light, torch, etc as per customer’s requirements.

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