Traffic Cones

Traffic cones or the road cone some time called safety cones have several other names, they are also known as pylons, witches’ hats, road cones, highway cones, safety cones, channeliz

Road Cone
Traffic Cones

ing devices, construction cones, or only cones. They are cone shaped signs which are kept on the roads.


There are many types of Traffic Cones or Safety Cones. Like other products that people use daily, there are different types and models.   The main purpose of Traffic Cones is to temporarily redirect vehicular or pedestrian traffic as well as a caution device

The purpose of road cones is redirecting the means of transportation, for ensuring safety. Their other purposes include the separating and merging of the lanes in the process of construction on roads or after the accidents.

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If the separation needs to be held for a long period of time more strong and durable road cones are placed where they are required.

Charles D. Scanlon inven

Road Cones
Traffic Cones

ted the traffic cones. He was a painter. Earlier the wooden tripods or barriers were used as a sign for indicating the construction. Scanlon found those signs insufficient and dangerous for the passing by traffic, which can easily cause accidents and damage. So, he come up with an idea of road cones.

Later on, they were approved and used at roads and different sites as an indication. In the beginning they were made up of concrete but with a passage of time the modification occurs and now they are made up of the rubber or thermoplastic.

The plastic bottles are recycled and these cones can be built with that material. It’s not necessary that all road cones have cone shape.

Different Types of Cones

Traffic Cones Different Types
Traffic Cones Different Sizes

When needing to purchase, you will have options for the type of traffic cones available for you to choose from.  Bright Orange is the color that most people associate with Traffic Cones but they can also come in other colors like pink, yellow, green and blue.  The colors need to be bright to be visible to warn oncoming traffic.

Cones range in size as well and come in sizes from 12 inches to 36 inches in height.  The size of the cone needed can be determined by the function or placement of the cone.  Larger cones are needed in high-speed areas like highways to give the driver time to see them.

  • 12 Inch (305mm) with a weight of 1lb to 1.5lb
  • 18 Inch (457mm) with a weight of 2.75lb to 3lb
  • 28 Inch (711mm) with a weight of 7lb to 10lb
  • 36 Inch (914mm) with a weight of 10lb to 12lb

Another choice you will have is whether or not the cones come with reflective collars for increased visibility.  Depending on the size of the cone, you may have either 1 or 2 reflective collar options available to you.

 Uses of Road Cones

There are several uses of road cones, mainly they are used for:
i- Redirecting the traffic during the construction on the roads, or other situations, like road accidents and investigation for any particular reason.
ii- Alerting the people about expected hazards.
iii- Preventing the traffic from certain areas.
iv- Separating the playing areas of the children.
v- To increase the visibility at night or foggy weather conditions, the traffic on that used along with the flashlights or retroreflective.

 Design of road cones:

Traffic cones are constructed in such a way that they stay visible and prominent. They are also capable of moving from one place to another. They are available in different sizes starting from 30cm to 1m.
They are also available in different colours and specific colours are assigned for indicating a specific purpose. The road cones can be of orange, yellow, pink, blue, and green. There is a strip at the top of the road cone which reflects the light in the night time.

Cone Materials

Due to the nature of the uses of cones, they are usually lightweight and flexible.  Our Traffic Cones are made from top quality materials, including recycled black PVC and new material where appropriate.  One-piece cones that are solid orange are also available and are perfect for sporting events and crowd control.

Cone Accessories

With visibility being important, there are accessories that can be added to all types of traffic cones to improve it.  Cone toppers, reflective collars, as well as cone, bars all improve the visibility and safety that a traffic cone provides.

Traffic Cone price in Pakistan

Common Price Range is from PKR 800.00 – PKR 2000.00.

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