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Top 7 Major Benefits of Safety Helmets

What Are Industrial Safety Helmets?safety helmet price in pakistan

Industrial safety helmets are one of the important components of personal protective equipment that includes safety clothing and accessories like safety glasses, safety boots, face masks, etc. Worn by industrial workers, contractors and even visitors at times to provide protection from hidden and obvious hazards present at the workplace.

Why Safety Helmets Are Important?

Getting adequate protection in the work environment is the right of every worker that an should provide to each of his employees. Here are the 7 benefits of safety helmets that can help you understand the importance of being safe at the work place.

1) Protection Against Head Injuries

Hard hats type safety helmets are designed specifically to provide protection to the workers from injury penetration, electric injuries and strong head impacts, which can be caused because of flying or falling objects. These safety helmets also provide protection against fixed objects and electrical conductors that may lead to injury. You can easily buy such kind of safety helmets online at very affordable price.

2) Protection Against Slips And Fall

Wearing helmets while working in a liquid based FMCG or a chemical unit ensures that even if the work slips or falls accidentally the chances of causing a head injury will be minimal.safety helmet price in pakistan

3) Increases Chances of Survival In Accidents

If a work unit faces accidental situations like rolling over of a truck or mishandling of any industrial equipment, in such scenario if workers is wearing hard helmet his chances of getting hurt will remain minimal.

4) Improves Employee Visibility

Wearing hard hats for work allows greater visibility for employees of the work unit and also helps in distinguishing while they are working during day or night. They also differentiate them from visitors and other non-working people entering the workshop premises.

5) Provides Company Branding

Though the dress code at workshops is enough to let the other know of the organization or unit an employee is working for. Differentiated branding on helmets for each department helps in identifying them on a much broader level. Some companies even color code the helmets for various departments.

6) Provides Sun Protection

For construction site workers wide brim helmets are considered ideal as they provide adequate protection against harmful sun rays to the workers. This helps in reducing the chances of heat stroke and fatigue.

7) Provides Adequate Ventilation

The helmets prices these days varies on several parameters. One is the amount of ventilation and comfort they offer to the worker. No company want their worker to feel burdened under the heavy safety hat. Thus the demand for stylish baseball style  helmets has increased that provides adequate ventilation and comfort to the workers while working.safety helmet price in pakistan ,safety helmet price in pakistan,safety helmet price in pakistan

JSP Safety Helmets

JSP is Europe’s leading manufacturer in industrial head protection, manufactured and tested under the BSI Kitemark™ scheme. JSP safety helmets are designed, manufactured, and tested at our manufacturing headquarters in Oxfordshire, UK, with additional manufacturing and testing facilities in Düsseldorf, Germany, and further regions across the globe.

With compatible accessories and complete above-the-neck solutions, JSP Safety Helmets offers high performing products backed up by full technical support.


3M Safety Helmets

3M is one of the leading manufacturer of above the neck safety. 3M Safety Hard Hats are very popular due to extremely reliable due to their construction and quality.3M Safety Helmets do not need any introduction since 3M is a name which is guarante


Safety Helmet Price in Pakistan

safety helmet price depend  on brand and non brand but  minimum price Rs 300pkr and maximum Rs 4000pkr

Fire Helmet Price in Pakistan

Fire helmet price totally depend on brand but minimum price is Rs 2500 and maximum Rs 60,000

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