naffco fire equipments in Pakistan

NAFFCO fire equipment:

NAFFCO fire equipment is a blessing as a modern invention for protecting valuable lives and assets. There are innumerable things that are particularly designed for fighting fire like fire extinguishers, fire alarm systems, and a lot more. Some are particular in the protection of workers like firefighters and some safety equipment is particularly designed for the health department i.e for doctors and other medical staff.

NAFFCO fire fighting equipment is enough to meet the needs of every aspect of life regarding fire fighting because NAFFCO provides:

NAFFCO fire equipment
NAFFCO fire equipment

Fire fighting trucks and vehicles.

Fire pumps and controllers.

Fire protection systems.

Passive fire protection.

Extra low-voltage solutions.

Medical Safety.

And training for everything.

NAFFCO fire fighting equipment is capable of fighting fire anywhere in public and private areas.

NAFFCO fire alarm systems:

NAFFCO fire alarm systems are outstanding fire fighting equipment for minimizing losses. There are different components of the NAFFCO fire alarm system which perform their respective functions from making an alarm to alerting the public to extinguish the fire.more

The best fire alarm for your building:

NAFFCO fire alarm system is best for your building rather it is domestic or commercial. Protection is required everywhere, so don’t delay to install a fire alarm system in your building.

The smoke detector of the fire alarm system will detect the smoke which is a product of fire and then the control panel will make a siren for alerting all the people about the emergency situation.

Fire detection and notification system:

There are different series that are rich in specific features for coping with the needs of particular areas. The top series is ‘Fire, Gas, and Extinguishant system, the other series are:

The Legacy series.

The infiNET series.

The Omega series.

Each series is certified and consists of control panels, call points and sounders.

Gas detection system:

There are many dangerous gases that can threaten human lives. For detecting those gases NAFFCO presents the gas detection system.

It is capable of detecting the excess amounts of the following gases:

1- Ammonia.

2- Carbon Monoxide.

3- Sulphur dioxide.

4- Hydrogen chloride.

5- Nitrogen dioxide.

6- Nitric oxide.

7- Hydrogen.

8- Many other gases.

Extinguishant control system:

Extinguishant control system is compulsory for installing in the buildings for extinguishing the fire. It is unique in its function.

Voice evacuation system:

Voice evacuation system informs the people about the outbreak of the fire. The people will escape the building to save their lives.

Fire rated cable:

NAFFCO’s fire rated cable is certified by LPCP. These wires are capable of bearing the temperature up till 830°C. The connection of fire rated cable with fire alarm ensures the protection.

Emergency lighting system:

In an emergency, the vision may be limited due to the presence of smoke and fire or the absence of power.

The Emergency lighting system is perfectly designed for covering such issues by providing lights for escape from the emergency.

NAFFCO fire extinguishers:

NAFFCO fire extinguishers are most compact, reliable and durable fire extinguishers for extinguishing the fires. Fire extinguishers can be regarded as the main fire fighting equipment so they are installed everywhere. NAFFCO fire extinguishers are available for cars and other means of transportation. There are various types of NAFFCO fire extinguishers:

1- Water-type fire extinguisher.

2- Foam-type fire extinguisher.

3- CO2 fire extinguisher.

4- Wet chemical fire extinguisher.

5- Clean agent fire extinguisher.

6- Dry chemical powder fire extinguisher.

All these fire extinguishers are manufactured by the NAFFCO for ensuring maximum protection from fire hazards.


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