a.Made from rugged reinforced nylon and chrome plated brass screw.
b.Comes with locking screw, can lock conveniently by itself without tools.
c.Widely used, suitable for button circuit breaker protector, as picture (handle width≤20mm).
d.Unique U shape stainless steel insert plate, can ensure there is  no swing after locked.
e.Can be customized stainless steel brand.
Product CodeProduct Description
XD-14Locked with padlock, lock shackle ≤7mm
XD-15Locked with Ipadlock, lock shackle ≤7mm
XD-15W"W"means there is no pedal under the lock bottom. can accommodate one safety padlock with shackle diameter ≤7mm
XD-16Locked with 1 padlock, lock shackle ≤7mm
XD-16WWith "L" can be locked closing old longer MCCB Locked with 1 padlock, lock shackle ≤7mm

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