• Sturdy steel cabinets, with tough powder  coated yellow finish
  • Thick steel cabinet with flush closing rim to resist forced entry
  • Supplied with security  lock and 2 keys
Product CodeProduct Description
X-KCKey Cabinet for 60 keys
X-KC-CFKey Cabinet clear fascia for 60 keys

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    key cabinet in Pakistan

    key cabinet in Pakistan

    A key cabinet is a secure storage device that is used to store keys in an organized and efficient manner. Key cabinets come in a variety of sizes and configurations, from small wall-mounted units to larger floor-standing cabinets.

    Key cabinets typically feature a lockable door and a series of hooks or slots that hold keys. Some key cabinets may also have adjustable shelves or drawers for storing larger items, such as key rings or access cards. Some key cabinets may also have features such as a combination lock, biometric access control, or remote access capabilities.

    key cabinet Price in Pakistan

    Key Cabinet price depend on cabinet size but lowest price is 4500 pkr and highest price is 3000 pkr contact us for  price .Islamabad ,Lahore, Karachi, Pakistan

    key cabinet in Pakistan

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