Halotron fire extinguisher:

Halotron fire extinguisher is a type of extinguisher that uses a clean, non-conductive liquid agent to extinguish fires. It is often used in environments where the use of traditional dry chemical or CO2 extinguishers is not desirable due to the potential for damage or contamination. Halotron extinguishers are suitable for use on Class A, B, and C fires, and are commonly found in computer server rooms, labs, and other sensitive areas.

Halotron fire extinguisher
Halotron fire extinguisher

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Reasons of having a Halotrons fire Eistinguisher:

There are several reasons for having a Halotron  extinguisher at your place. The fire can cause disasters if it gets uncontrollable. The best way to control the fire is to extinguish it when it is just at beginning.
In this way the fire will be extinguished and will not be able to cause any damage and losses to the assets, lives and environment.
Halotron  extinguisher has a significant importance in fire extinguishers family, because it is able to extinguish majority of the fire classes.

Size of Halotron  extinguisher:


Halotron extinguisher are at hand in various sizes. Their different size makes them efficient to extinguish the different classes of fire.
Where to use a Halotron extinguisher:
Halotron fire extinguishers is able to extinguish the Class A, B C and E fires. Since it can extinguish four out of six classes of fire, the extinguisher is capable to be installed at various places.
Places where Halotron extinguisher can be installed:
There are various places where Halotron  extinguisher can be installed like:
1- General public areas.
2- Offices.
3- Data server rooms.
4- Army premises.
5- Warehouse.
6- Industries.
7-Manufacturing plants.
8- Residential areas.
9- Vehicles likes cars, boats, aeroplanes etc.

Halotron extinguisher is suitable for the following fire Classes:

Class A: Paper, wood, cloth and non-metals.
Class B: Inflammable liquids and gases.
Class C : Fire on electrical equipment.
Class E: Fire on electrical equipment.
There is a benefit of using Halotron fire extinguisher that it do no damage or contaminate the equipment.

Halotron fire extinguisher recharge:

Every fire extinguisher needs a timely maintenance. The time may vary. Halotron fire extinguisher recharge is necessary immediately after it’s use. Even if the fire extinguisher is not used still it should recharged after the prescribed duration.
In Halotron extinguisher the fire extinguishing agent is refilled in the cylinder and the fire extinguisher is examined carefully for detecting the faults. If any fault is found that is also fixed.

Benefits of Halotron extinguisher:

Halotron  extinguisher has a lot of benefits over the other fire extinguishers:
1- It is suitable for suppressing majority of fire classes.
2- It do not leaves any residue so it is safe to use on equipment without damaging them.
3- It is at hand in different sizes for keeping at different places.


Halotron fire extinguisher is an efficient and versatile fire extinguisher. Halotron fire extinguisher recharge has its significant importance. Halotron fire extinguisher prices in Pakistan are different.

Halotron fire extinguisher price in Pakistan:

Halotron fire extinguisher price in Pakistan because of the various sizes and different brands.

  • Fire Fighting Equipment, Halotron Fire Extinguishers. HCFC Fire Extinguisher 2 Kg. 0 out of 5. ₨6,600.00. …
  • Fire Extinguishers, Fire Fighting Equipment. 6Kg Halatron  Extinguisher Naffco. 0 out of 5. ₨25,550.00. …
  • Fire Extinguishers, Fire Fighting Equipment. Halotron Extinguishers 4 KG Naffco UAE. 0 out of 5. ₨34,500.00


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