Fire Pumps

Fire Fighting pump:

The centrifugal pump which is used to pump the fire fighting water is known as fire fighting pump. Fire fighting pumps are used in such a way that they can used in portable vehicles or as portable pumps and for stationary usage like, as a part of fire hydrants or fire sprinkler system.

Adams Fire Tech offers a wide range of fire pump systems that meet every fire protection need, to protect lives and properties throughout changing climatic conditions and weather events. SFFECO fire pumps have been tested in the field so that it will perform perfectly and provides real value and reliability. SFFECO brings its technical expertise to the industry to improve fire protection systems globally.

Types of fire pumps

Jockey pump in Pakistan

Jockey pump is a part of fire sprinkler system. It is used for maintaining the pressure in sprinkler pipes. When the sprinkler system is started, the pressure drops to a certain limit. The automatic controller of the fire pump senses the pressure drop and the fire pump will be started.


Diesel fire pump in Pakistan

The other name for diesel pump is booster pump. There are some water supply sources which do not provide enough pressure for the water required to extinguish the fire, in water sprinkler system. A fire pump may be linked with the main water tank/ reservoir or even with a pond to get the water.

Emergency fire pump in Pakistan

What is an emergency fire pump?

It is a fire pump for an emergency. It can operate itself automatically. A self cooled compression ignition or an electric motor is used to drive an emergency fire pump. The emergency generator supplies power which operates it.

Fire water pump in Pakistan

There are many water-based fire suppression system which has fire pump as a component. The purpose of this water pump is to increase the water pressure from the source of water. It is mainly used when the source is unable to provide sufficient pressure. Pressure is usually measured in psi or bars.

Electric fire pump in Pakistan

The electric fire pump is useful in generating pressure of the water coming from the water source. The device is beneficial because pressurized water is effective in extinguishing the fire. They must be used when the water source fails to provide sufficient water pressure for the fire sprinkler systems.


Adamsfiretech provides all the basic to advanced fire fighting system. We provide all types of fire pumps. If you are looking for purchasing a fire pump at reasonable prices in Pakistan, must contact us 

Excel Series standard packaged pump sets includes a wide variety of fire pump units start from 50 gpm size up to 1500 gpm, with pressure range from 6 bar up to 12 bar. “Excel Series” Fire Pump Unit Controller is the Pump Package brain that designed to Control & Monitor the operation of the Main, Standby, and Jockey pumps Drivers, and makes up pumps for both Manual & Automatic modes, as well as turns pumps drivers ON/OFF under specific conditions.

The Fire Pump Package Controller detects signals through set of built in switches that reflect the system Pressure & Flow status enabling fire pump package drivers(Electrical /Diesel /Jockey) to operate in case of pressure in the system is lower than set point, as well as operating the Stand by driver due to power failure and/or substantial drop in pressure. Excel Series Controllers are pre-wired, and factory tested before shipment and made ready for immediate usage.

Excel Series Pump

PUMPSExcel Series Standard Packages included wide variety of Fire Pump Units start from 50 GPM size up to 1500 GPM, with pressure range from 6 bars up to 12 bars. This wide Range of Pumping & Head Characteristics has Made Excel Series suitable in various market sectors such as; Government Buildings, Commercial and Residential Towers, Ware houses, Factories etc.




UL Listed Pump

UL-PUMPSAdams Fire Tech offers listed Centrifugal Fire Pump Motors with our own Listed and Approved Centrifugal Fire Pumps to package Heavy Duty and High Quality Compact Skids.Our Listed and Approved Fire Pumps can also be coupled with any other Listed Fire Pump Motos of any specific brand as per client requirement.


End Suction Pump

ENDSUCTIONTop centerline Discharge transmits residual pipe strain to feet of casing and eliminates the need for left-handed or right-handed casings and impellers.Back Pullout Design supplied with spacer coupling ensures easy pump maintenance without Dismantling.



Horizontal Split Case Pump

Split Case PumpHorizontal Split for easy access,dynamically balanced double suction impellers extend bearing life and ensure smooth operation. Lower initial cost ,Rugged construction,Liberal water passages,Efficient operations.





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