NAFFCO stored pressure type wet chemical extinguishers from Adams Fire Tech are used for cooking oil or fat fires where the spray can create a flame almost immediately. Extinguishment happens while the wet chemical agent reacts with oil to form a soap like film to seal the surface of the oil and cool it down to prevent re-ignition.
Suitable for Class A and F fire risks.

Model NKE 2* NKE 3X / NKE 3 NKE 6
Extinguisher Capacity 2ltr 3ltr 6ltr
Propellant 95% Nitrogen + 5% Helium
Fire Rating 5F 8A25F 13A75F
Working Pressure 10 Bar 10 Bar 10 Bar
Maximum Operating Pressure 11.5 Bar @ 60°C
Test Pressure 30 Bar
Total Weight 4.4kg 7.2kg 12.5kg
Range of Discharge 1 m 1 m 1 m
Duration of Discharge 40-45 sec 30-35 sec 50-55 sec
Hose Length with Nozzle N/A 710 mm 810 mm
Operating Temperature +5°C to +60°C
Height x Diameter (in mm) 420×110 420×130 505×185
Cylinder Material CRCA Sheet
Approval BSI / LPCB Approved

*LPCB Approval only

    • Water, a liquid agent only recommended for fighting Class F & A Fire
    • Cylinders compliance to council directive 97/23/EC (PED) and Statutory instrument 1999 No.2001 is certified by BSI (0086).
    • Certified by BSI under marine equipment directive
    • High quality polyester paint
    • Internally coated by thermoplastic coating powders blend of polyolefin to prevent corrosion.
    • Fire mist spray to prevent grease splashing.
    • Brass nickel chrome plated head valve with simple squeeze operation
    • Unique gauge testing system
    • Unique color code handle and base (optional).
    • Rechargeable and easy to service
    • Passed 35K electrical conductivity

    Ideal Use: Commercial kitchens in connection with NAFFCO Pre-engineered Hood Systems.

    *Caution: Don’t use on electrical fire.

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