NAFFCO stored pressure and cartridge operated foam extinguishers from Adams Fire Tech are multipurpose, ideal for fires involving volatile liquids and freely burning materials such as paper, cloth, wood and furniture.
Suitable for Class A and Class B fire risks.

Model NW 3 NW 3X NF 6 NFI 6 NF 6X NF 9 NFI 9 NF 9X
Extinguisher Capacity 3Ltr 3Ltr 6Ltr 6Ltr 6Ltr 9Ltr 9Ltr 9Ltr
Propellant 95% Nitrogen + 5% Helium
Fire Rating 8A 70B 8A 70B 21A 144B 21A 144B 21A 144B 21A 183B 21A 183B 21A 183B
Working Pressure 14 Bar
Maximum Operating Pressure 18.5 Bar @ 60°C
Test Pressure 30 Bar
Total Weight 11.5kg 11.5kg 11.5kg 11.5kg 15.5kg 15.5kg 15.5kg 15.5kg
Range of Discharge 6m 6m 6m 6-7m 6-7m 7-8m 7-8m 7-8m
Duration of Discharge 22-25 sec 25-27 sec 25-27 sec 22-28 sec 30-32 sec 32-35 sec 32-35 sec 35-38 sec
Hose Length with Nozzle N/A N/A 680 mm 680 mm 680 mm 680 mm 680 mm 610 mm
Operating Temperature +5°C to +60°C
Cylinder Material CRCA Steel Sheet
Height x Diameter (in mm) 420×132 610×150 630×185
Approval CE & Marine Approved
  • AFFF (6%) Synthetic Aqueous Film – Forming Foam Agent capable of fighting Class A, B fires.
  • Cylinders compliance to council directive 97/23/EC (PED) and Statutory instrument 1999 No.2001 is certified by BSI (0086).
  • Certified by BSI under marine equipment directive.
  • High quality external polyster paint.
  • Thermoplastic internal coating to prevent corrosion
  • Spray nozzle to provide high fire rating.
  • Controlled discharge.
  • Brass nickel chrome plated head valve with simple squeeze operation.
  • Unique gauge testing system.
  • Unique colour code handle and base (Optional).
  • Rechargeable and easy to service.

Ideal Use: Schools, Theaters, Apartments, Offices and Dry Goods Store.

*Note: Water Extinguishers are not suitable for life involving electrical risk.

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