Confined Space Equipment Kit in Pakistan 2024

What is the Confined Space ?

A confined space is an area that is not designed for continuous human occupancy and has limited or restricted entry and exit points. These spaces may pose hazards to workers who enter them, such as lack of oxygen, toxic gases, or physical obstructions. Examples of confined spaces include tanks, vessels, pipelines, sewers, and underground tunnels.

Confined Space Equipment KitEmployers are required to identify and assess potential hazards in confined spaces and implement measures to protect workers who enter them. This may include using ventilation systems to ensure a safe oxygen supply, providing personal protective equipment, and ensuring that workers are trained in proper entry and exit procedures.more

Confined Space Equipment list

  1. Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  2. Communication devices
  3. Ventilation equipment
  4. Lighting equipment
  5. Gas detection equipment
  6. Entry and exit equipment
  7. Lockout/tagout equipment
  8. First aid equipment

Confined space equipment price in Pakistan

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