Retractable cable lockout device with 2MM*1.8m Stainless Steel cable management system,cable has an insulating coating of PVC with transparent UV protection and a multi-stranded stainless steel cable inside, which can effectively lock irregular equipment.

Retractable Cable Lockout Devices are ideal for multi-point locking and group lockout, It’s a versatile energy isolation,solution ideal for unusual installations that cannot be locked with traditional equipment.

Designed with built-in cable retraction management system to help ensure a more secure lock, take-up reel and internal ratchet mechanism allow only increased tension on the cable, excess cable automatically rewinds and tightens at the push of a button, easy to operate, cable is stored in the lock Inside the body, portable and durable.

It is recommended to use a professional safety padlock to lock the device. Doing a good job in safety protection can save lives, avoid potential safety hazards, and reduce accidents caused by misoperation, thereby reducing enterprise costs.

Product CodeProduct Description
XL-41Included cable

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