3m safety product in Pakistan

3m safety product in Pakistan

3M safety products:

3M safety products are must to have safety equipment for the workers, rather those workers have to fight with fire or they belong to medical field. The workers can protect others only if they will protect themselves completely. Keeping this very reason, 3M safety products are developed.
3M PPE(personal protection equipment) is such a durable equipment that will work for you as long as you have to work. This comfort is necessary to work attentively.

50 years of successful safety equipment production, are celebrated by the 3M. It is the first company approved by the US government for producing 3M filtering facepiece respirator and 3M E-A-R ear plugs.
3M is determine for providing safety products to the health department. In the coronavirus outbreak 3M understands the need of medical staff and hospitals and work harder to cope up those needs.

3m safety product in Pakistan
3m safety product in Pakistan

3M carefully understands the nature of hazards and consequently design 3M safety products which are perfect for dealing with those hazards.
Furthermore, we provide trainings to the newbies for making them expert in operating the safety equipment. This training is conducted in both ways, online and in-person.

3M cut resistant gloves:
3M cut resistant gloves is an innovation in the 3M Safety products field. There are alot of to-do tasks in a firefighter or other workers list. The tasks involves bending the sharp objects in machines, cutting, holding the object with extreme temperatures etc.
All these tasks are performed by the hands. If there is no protection on the hands and a person do such a tough task, with bare handedly, it will cause severe damage to the hands. This is the reason 3M cut resistant gloves are designed and available in different versions.

3M PPE( personal protection equipment) has an endless list of safety products. The 3M PPE is able to provide each and every thing required in all the different fields of life. It can provide protection from head to toe.
Some of the 3M PPE is mentioned below:
1- Head and Face protection.
2- Hearing protection.
3- Apparel and workwear.
4- Fall protection.
5- Protective communications.
6- Respiratory protection.
7- Hearing protection.
8- Protective communications.
9- Welding protection.

3M safety helmet:
3M safety helmet provide ultimate protection to the head of the workers. Head is a sensitive organ and while working it is more prone to injuries etc. 3M safety helmets protects the head against falling objects and hits.
There is a wide list of 3M safety helmets:
1- 3M™ Total Performance Gold-coated.
2- 3M™ Hard Hat, Uvicator, Ratchet, Ventilated, Plastic Sweatband, Red, G3000NUV-RD, 20 ea/Case.
3- 3M™ Hard Hat, 4-Point Ratchet Suspension, Grey, H-708R, 20 ea/Case.
4- 3M™ SecureFit™ Safety Helmet X5000 Series.
5- 3M™ Hard Hat, Uvicator, Ratchet, Ventilated, Plastic Sweatband, Yellow, G3000NUV-GU, 20 ea/Case.
3M safety goggles:
3M safety goggles is a protection for the eyes of workers. Eyes are the most delicate organs and needs some extra protection. 3M goggles are designed according to such requirements.
There are available in different designs and lenses.
Different designs provide the best adjustment to the different faces. Different lenses ensures the safety from high frequency lights and glares etc.more

Some of the 3M safety goggles are mentioned below:
1- 3M™ SecureFit™ Safety Glasses 600 Series.
2- 3M™ Foam and TPE Gaskets.
3- 3M™ SecureFit™ 400 Series Readers Safety Glasses.
4- 3M™ SecureFit™ Safety Glasses 400 Series.
5- 3M™ Fahrenheit™ Safety Goggles.
And many more.
3M welding helmet:
3M welding helmet is specifically designed for the welding process. During welding welders needs a special protection of face and head because the flames are very dangerous and affect the sensitive skin immediately.
3M safety helmet meets all the safety needs of welders by covering their head and face.

Safety equipment suppliers in Pakistan

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