a.Made from engineering plastic strengthened nylon PA and stainless steel.
b.Fit the new open-ended clamp over the closed ring, used to lock out the large levels, T-shape handles and other hard-to-secure mechanical devices.
It can be add various accessories to make the device suitable for a range of valves.
c.Cable accessories can be used 3.2mm (1/8 ”) PVC stainless steel metal cable set.
d.Universal valve lockout used to max handle width 40mm (handle max thickness 28mm).
e.Suitable for gate valve, ball valve, butterfly valve and so on.
Product CodeProduct Description
XF31Lock with Quarter-Turn Ball Valve for Single arm
Colour : Red
XF32Two arms to lockout 3,4and 5 way valves
Colour : Red
XF33Using Cable attachment for Gate Valves
Colour : Red
XF34For Butterfly Valves
Colour : Red
XF35Universal Valves lockout
Colour : Red

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