Triple Purpose Fire Fighting Nozzle – SFFECO SFD-NH-65

Triple purpose nozzle is very important in industries setup for class A and class B fires. They are specifically designed to equip with the fire hoses. They can work in three forms that are adjustable fog, straight stream and the shut off type.


Triple Purpose Firer Fighting Nozzle - SFFECO SFD-NH-65

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Product Features:

– These triple purpose nozzles are UL listed and are according to the quality standards and safety rules.
– These triple purpose nozzles are available in two sizes: 1 ½” and 2.
– Manufactured both Brass and Chrome finishes, they ensure durability and resistance to corrosion, even in difficult industrial atmospheric conditions.
– Thread options include NST (National Standard Thread) and BS336 (British Standard Thread), with an optional NST to BS336 male adaptor is available on demand of costumer.
– Designed to operate efficiently at a nozzle pressure of 100 psi,
– Discharge GPM (Gallons Per Minute) and these specifications meet Ullisting standards.
The Industrial Adjustable Fire Nozzle is a reliable tool among industrial working staffs. These nozzles recognized for their performance, versatility, and durability in fire-fighting applications. These Nozzles can be used in factories, warehouses, or other industrial settings. These nozzles are not recommended for class C fires as they use a solid stream from nozzle that can harm circuits.

Triple Purpose Fire Fighting Nozzle Pdf

Triple purpose fire fighting nozzle price in Pakistan:

The SFFECO SFD-NH-65 triple purpose nozzle is available in Pakistan start price  42,000 PKR. These nozzles provide three types of water streams that are fine jet stream, mist and shutoff. They are applicable on Class A and Class B fires. Manufactured by SFFECO, a renowned provider of firefighting equipment, these nozzle meets quality standards and is designed for durability and reliability in required environments. With its ability to adapt to different fire scenarios and its robust construction, the SFFECO SFD-NH-65 is an essential equipment for the suppression of fire all across Pakistan.

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