Spill kit

A spill kit is a well-organised set of equipment that has been specifically designed to deal with cleaning up dangerous substances in an organized manner. It enables you to efficiently clean the spill in the safest way possible with due personal safety. Spill, kits  in many different forms and can purpose different types of spills. There are Spill, kits enable you to effectively clean the spill or leak in the safest way Spills can pose a deadly threat in the workplace not only can spills create a slipping hazard, but they can also be harmful to breathe.

Spill Kit - Chemtex USA by Adams Fire Tech
Spill Kit – Chemtex USA by Adams Fire Tech


Nobody wants an oil spill but accidents do happen. Don’t be caught unprepared! Like a fire extinguisher is to a fire, a spill, kit is to an oil or chemical spill.The right kit for a company’s needs.

  • Waste disposal bags
  • PPE wear ( protective equipment)
  • Absorbents for soaking up the spill
  • A containment boom for preventing spread of the spill
  • Dispersants



Please Contact  our sales team or whatsapp your requirement 03457772324 for free estimates. Adams Fire Tech is well known and established company and maintains sufficient stocks of Spill Containment Materials . All the kits are imported directly from Chemtex Inc USA which is highly reliable US manufacturer of the spill containment materials.

Split kit Uses:

A spill-kit is used when a dangerous chemical spills or leaks in your workplace. The purpose of a spill-kit is to contain, control and clean up. The hazardous substances that a spill kit can clean up include (but are not limited to):

  •  Petroleum
  •  Oils
  •  Fuels
  •  Hazardous chemicals
  •  Solvents
  •  Cooking oils
  •  Sewage
  •  Protein fluids

If you work with any of these substances, you should consider getting a spill kit for your workplace. The purpose of a spill kit is to clean up these substances. It is a fast and easy way to deal with an accident involving such liquids.


Spill-kits are used in multiple different workplaces and industries. Some of them are listed below:-

  •  Warehouses and workshops
  •  Automotive repair shops
  •  Laboratories
  •  Hospitals
  •  Commercial kitchens and restaurants
  •  Transport Companies
  •  Shipping depots
  •  Oil, gas and mining sectors
  •  The defence sector
  •  Manufactures
  •  Docks and marinas
  •  City councils and public amenities

Basically, if you are working with hazardous substances, you’re likely to need one. It is important to check the Australian Work Health and Safety Act to confirm if your business needs one.

Types of Spill-Kit

General Spill-Kits.

For the clean-up of non-aggressive or non-hazardous liquid spills.

General spill kits
General spill kits


 Oil-only Spill-Kits

For the clean-up of grease and oil-based liquids.

Oil-only Spill Kits
Oil-only Spill Kits


Chemical Spill-Kits

For the cleaning-up of aggressive or hazardous liquid:

Chemical Spill Kits
Chemical Spill Kits

Anti-static Spill-Kits

For the clean-up of highly flammable  or explosive liquids.

Anti Static Spill Kits - Adams Fire Tech
Anti Static Spill Kits – Adams Fire Tech


Hazmat Spill-Kits

Spill Kit - Adams Fire Tech
Spill Kit – Adams Fire Tech

spill, kit caddie contents, which is designed for spills involving highly corrosive acids and solvents. Hazmat spill, kits contain yellow-colored absorbents for dealing with hazardous chemicals.


What Should a Spill Kit Contain?

The exact contents of a spill, kit will vary depending on the particular model you choose; however, there are several key items found in most kits. Some of the most common contents found in spill, kits include:

Disposable bags

Socks Absorbent pads


Absorbent Safety goggles.

Spill Kit Price in Pakistan

Our company  stocks different types and sizes of spill, kits in Pakistan. Price ranges from 5,000.00 upto 150,000.00. For more details please Contact Us

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