Portable Eye Wash

Portable Eye/Face wash Station Portable press-wash skin & Eye wash is not only the Essential equipment of labor protection, but also the essential protective facilities against poisonous and corrosive material. It can be used in the field of the chemical industry, Semi-Conductor, Metallurgy, electron and machine, also can be used in outdoor.

Change water every 90 days.

Movable eye wash takes up little room, which is the most visible character.

The features of the product:

It can supply the most professional protection, convenient and shortcut. It has not special requirement of installation, you may use it directly according to the needs of the workplace. There is enough room in the eye wash head, you may use it wash eyes and face, also can use hands to assist if necessary. Press-wash skin eye wash, innocuous polyethylene, equipped decompressor, the flux is steady. You should change the purity water and add gas every 90 days, add 5kg purity water and 2.5Mpa gas which push 50 times by hands. It can be used in the field of the chemical, chemistry industry, semiconductor, metallurgy, electron, and machine etc., scientific research field.


Portable Eye Wash