Safety Vest at Best Price in Islamabad-Lahore-Karachi 2024

Safety Vest at Best Price in Pakistan

High-Visibility Safety Vests: Your Guardian Gear for Workplace Safety

Safety vests are a crucial component of personal protective equipment (PPE) in various workplaces. They enhance worker visibility, especially in low-light conditions or hazardous environments, minimizing the risk of accidents and injuries. This article delves into the significance of safety- vests, explores their diverse applications, and offers insights into choosing the right vest for your specific needs.

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Types Of Safety Vest

Reflective Safety -Vest SV 302

Reflective Safety -Vest SV 303

Reflective Tape Material and Fabric RT 3

Reflective Safety- Vest SV 4400

Reflective Safety -Vest SV 4402

Pvc Reflective Harness SV 4406

Reflective Safety -Vest SV 4407

Reflective Safety -Vest SV 44091

Marine Life Jacket

3m 2925 yellow color silver reflective stripe fluorescent lime

Kf009 Digital net mesh

Kf007 Fluorescent Fabric Reflective Vest with Pocket

Kf005 Polyester  Safety Vest

Kf003 Safety Vest with Reflective Tape

Safety Life Jacket

Safety Vest at Best Price in PakistanWhy Wear a Safety- Vest?

  • Enhanced Visibility: Safety- vests are typically fluorescent yellow, orange, or lime green in color, making wearers easily noticeable against contrasting backgrounds. This heightened visibility is vital in construction zones, traffic environments, and dimly lit industrial settings.
  • Reduced Accident Risk: Studies have shown that wearing high-visibility vests significantly reduces the risk of pedestrian and vehicle collisions. This is particularly relevant for outdoor workers, roadside emergency personnel, and traffic control professionals.
  • Compliance with Regulations: In many countries, wearing safety -vests is mandatory in specific work environments as per safety regulations. Employers are responsible for providing and ensuring the proper use of PPE, including high-visibility vests, to comply with these regulations and protect their workforce.

Safety Vest Price in Pakistan

  • Basic Vests: Simple, mesh vests without many features can range from Rs. 200 to Rs. 300.
  • Reflective Vests: Vests with reflective strips for better visibility in low light tend to be slightly more expensive, starting around Rs. 280 and going up to Rs. 400.
  • Class 2/3 Vests: Vests meeting ANSI/ISEA standards for high-risk environments with extensive reflective material can cost between Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000.
  • Specialized Vests: Vests with additional features like pockets, fire retardant properties, or cold weather insulation can be even pricier, reaching Rs. 1,500 or more.
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