Safety Vest at Best Price in Islamabad-Lahore-Karachi 2024

Safety Vest at Best Price in Pakistan

High-Visibility Safety Vests: Your Guardian Gear for Workplace Safety

Safety vests are very important for the construction sites and especially on roads where high visibility is required for work during night times or dark weather.

These vest are mainly designed with reflective material and color with the aid of reflective strips on them that glow in dark when light falls on them. For safety these safery vests are essential part of any work because nothing is more expensive than a human life so that why these are mandatory of working sites. These vest are selected on the nature of job depending upon their visibility levels. These vest provide protect and make the worker more visible and prominent even from distance in low light working areas or at night.

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Types Of Safety Vest

Reflective Safety -Vest SV 302

Reflective Safety -Vest SV 303

Reflective Tape Material and Fabric RT 3

Reflective Safety- Vest SV 4400

Reflective Safety -Vest SV 4402

Pvc Reflective Harness SV 4406

Reflective Safety -Vest SV 4407

Reflective Safety -Vest SV 44091

Marine Life Jacket

3m 2925 yellow color silver reflective stripe fluorescent lime

Kf009 Digital net mesh

Kf007 Fluorescent Fabric Reflective Vest with Pocket

Kf005 Polyester  Safety Vest

Kf003 Safety Vest with Reflective Tape

Safety Life Jacket

Safety Vest at Best Price in PakistanWhy Wear a Safety- Vest?
Enhanced Visibility: These safety vest ensure that they look prominent in all conditions weather its night or rainy day or dim light. The reflective strips make them more visible as well. Anyone can notice these vest from distance on road and construction sites, hence very safe for the workers of all types.
Reduced Accident Risk:
It is studied that the risk of accidents has been reduced from the time these safety vests are being used. The minimize the vehicle collisions with workers in dim light as a result reducing the accident risk of all the outdoor workers providing them the best gear for life safety as it is the first priority for any task assigned to any worker.
Compliance with Regulations:
All the developed countries have made the use of these vest as a rule for any outside work assigned to workers to minimize the human life risks at sites as much as possible. That’s why they must obey these rules before doing any work on sites. It is the responsibility of the employers or organization authority to provide these safety vests to the workers for their safety.

Safety Vest Price in Pakistan

In Pakistan, safety vests come in various types and price ranges:

Basic Vests: These are simple mesh vests and lack advanced sort of features. Their price range is between Rs. 200 to Rs. 300.
Reflective Vests: These Vests are facilitated with the reflective strips for better visibility and make them prominent in low-light conditions. Their price start at Rs. 280 and can rise up to Rs. 400.

Class 2/3 Vests: These vests are manufactured to ensure the ANSI/ISEA standards for high-risk conditions, these vests are made of extensive reflective material and these vests are priced between Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000.
Specialized Vests: These vests come with more advance features including pockets, fire resistant features to the cold weather conditions. These vests are available at higher rates ranging upto Rs 1500 and even more depending upon the features equiped with them.

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