Naffco Fire Equipment in Pakistan

NAFFCO Fire Equipment:

NAFFCO Comapny Dubai -Fire Fighting Equipment
NAFFCO Company Dubai -Fire Fighting Equipment

Passion to Protect is more than just a slogan, it’s a way of life for NAFFCO Company. Keeping you safe and your property secure is NAFFCO Company’s business. With a global network spanning over 100 countries, NAFFCO has been recognized as the unparalleled leader in fire safety. In recognition of NAFFCO’s outstanding growth and commitment to quality, NAFFCO Company has been certified with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 and awarded the prestigious Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum business excellence award for four years, in areas including manufacturing and exports.Naffco Fire Equipment

NAFFCO has also been recognized by the Dubai Quality Appreciation Program in 2008, further cementing the status as a renowned leader in fire protection solutions. NAFFCO Company’s highly skilled engineering team is constantly designing, supplying, supervising and innovating areas of fire safety technology to overcome even the most complex business challenges.

NAFFCO is now poised to further grow its international network. NAFFCO Company appreciates business partners and their commitment to safety in the workplace and look forward to serving globally for decades to come.Naffco Fire Equipment

NAFFCO Company is among the world’s leading producers and suppliers of top-tier firefighting equipment, fire protection systems, fire alarms, security and safety engineering systems worldwide. Since its humble beginnings, NAFFCO has grown from its headquarters in Dubai, UAE to expand to over 100 countries around the world

NAFFCO fire equipment is a blessing as a modern invention for protecting valuable lives and assets. There are innumerable things that are particularly designed for fighting fire like fire extinguishers, fire alarm systems, and a lot more. Some are particular in the protection of workers like firefighters and some safety equipment is particularly designed for the health department i.e for doctors and other medical staff.Naffco Fire Equipment

NAFFCO Company Dubai manufactures all kinds of fire fighting equipment to include following:

Fire Fighting Trucks and Vehicles.

Fire Pumps and Controllers.

Fire Protection Systems.

Passive Fire Protection.

Extra Low-Voltage Solutions.

Medical Safety.

NFPA Trainings

NAFFCO Company Fire alarm Systems:

Naffco Fire Equipment
NAFFCO Company

NAFFCO Company supplies products that will enhance the safety of your building in Dubai and the Middle East. NAFFCO Company has designed products to satisfy the extra low voltage requirements of customers. NAFFCO Company safety solutions include fire detection and notification systems, battery operated fire, smoke and gas detectors, fire rated cables, fire alarms and much more. NAFFCO Company fire alarm systems are outstanding fire fighting equipment for minimizing losses. There are different components of the NAFFCO Company fire alarm system which perform their respective functions from making an alarm to alerting the public to extinguish the fire.more


Gas detection system:

BW Gas Detectors


NAFFCO Company is the leading supplier of gas detection systems in Dubai and the Middle East. NAFFCO Company gas detection systems will make your property much safer. We supply BW Gas Detectors a selection of control panels, gas suppression and detection systems which are perfect for use in many industries. Products are meant to safeguard you against following gases:


1- Ammonia.

2- Carbon Monoxide.

3- Sulphur dioxide.

4- Hydrogen chloride.

5- Nitrogen dioxide.

6- Nitric oxide.

7- Hydrogen.

8- Many other gases.

NAFFCO fire extinguisher:

NAFFCO Fire Extinguishers

NAFFCO fire extinguisher is an essential piece of equipment for properties and vehicles. NAFFCO company also supplies specially-made car fire extinguisher and will inform you about fire extinguisher regulation for boats. If needed, NAFFCO Company can conduct a fire extinguisher inspection to ensure that your fire extinguisher performs in an emergency

NAFFCO fire extinguishers are most compact, reliable and durable fire extinguishers for extinguishing the fires. Fire extinguishers can be regarded as the main fire fighting equipment so they are installed everywhere. NAFFCO fire extinguishers are available for cars and other means of transportation. There are various types of NAFFCO fire extinguishers:

1- Water Type NAFFCO Fire Extinguisher.

2- Foam Type NAFFCO Fire Extinguisher

3- CO2 Type NAFFCO Fire Extinguisher

4- Wet Chemical Type NAFFCO Fire Extinguisher.

5- Clean Agent Type NAFFCO Fire Extinguisher.

6- Dry Chemical Powder Type NAFFCO Fire Extinguisher.

All these fire extinguishers are manufactured by the NAFFCO for ensuring maximum protection from fire hazards.

Naffco Distributors in Pakistan

We are a naffco distributors in pakistan for more information contact us

Naffco Fire Equipment Price in Pakistan

NAFFCO is an international UL Listed brand ,Naffco fire extinguisher price is depend on size and types average price is 15,000

Adams Fire Tech:

Adams Fire Tech deals with products being manufactured by NAFFCO Company Dubai May it be NAFFCO Fire Extinguisher, Fire Hydrant , Fire Sprinkler , Fire Alarm etc. Price of NAFFCO Fire Extinguisher, Fire Hydrant , Fire Sprinkler , Fire Alarm, please Contact us

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