Hydrant Valve

Hydrant Valve

A hydrant valve is a valve that controls the flow of water from a fire hydrant. It is typically located at the base of the hydrant and is operated by a wrench or a special hydrant key.

Hydrant ValveTypes of Hydrant Valve

There are two main types of hydrant- valves:

  • Gate valves: Gate valves are the most common type of hydrant -valve. They are opened and closed by turning a screw that raises and lowers a gate that blocks the flow of water.
  • Butterfly valves: Butterfly valves are less common than gate valves. They are opened and closed by turning a disk that pivots in the center of the valve body.

Hydrant valve price in Pakistan

The price of a hydrant- valve in Pakistan can vary depending on the size, type, and material of the valve, as well as the manufacturer ,Adams Fire Tech provide every types of hydrant -valves in Pakistan Contact us 

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