Honeywell Addressable Smoke Detector

A Honeywell addressable smoke detector is a type of smoke detector that is designed to be connected to a fire alarm system. Addressable smoke detectors are also known as intelligent smoke detectors because they can communicate with other devices on the fire alarm system and provide specific information about their location and status.

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Honeywell is a leading manufacturer of addressable smoke detectors, and they offer a range of different models to suit various applications. These smoke detectors can be wired into a fire alarm control panel using a communication protocol such as Notifier, Gamewell-FCI, or Silent Knight.

Honeywell Addressable Smoke DetectorSome of the features that Honeywell addressable smoke detectors may include are:

  • Advanced sensing technology that can detect smoke particles at an early stage, allowing for faster response times
  • Self-diagnostic capabilities that can detect faults or failures and alert the fire alarm system
  • LED indicators that provide visual confirmation of the detector’s status
  • A built-in sounder that can be used to provide audible alerts in the event of a fire or other emergency
  • Low-profile design that makes them easy to install and blend in with the surrounding environment

Overall, Honeywell addressable smoke detectors are designed to provide reliable and accurate smoke detection as part of a comprehensive fire alarm system.

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