Heat Detector

Heat detector measures changes in heat or fire. When heat is sensed by the   heat detector, it generates an alert signal for the fire alarm control panel to warn the building occupants or protection system to extinguish.

Types of Heat Detectors

Rate-of-rise or (ROR) Heat Sensor

ROR heat detectors work on the rapid increase in the element temperature of around 12°F – 15°F per minute. This rise in temperature does not depend on the initial temperature. ROR thermal detectors work on the principle of thermistors or thermocouples.

Fixed Temperature Heat Detectors

Heat Detector , Gent By Honeywell
Heat Detector , Gent By Honeywell

Fixed temperature thermal detectors work when the element that is sensitive to heat reaches the point where a solid changes to liquid. The heat is accumulated at the sensitive element due to a thermal lag. This causes the temperature of the device to reach its operating temperature a while after the surrounding air temperature exceeds the device temperature. When this happens, the detector is activated and an alarm is sounded.

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Heat -Detector Working Principle

Heat sensors generally detect the heat that comes as a result of combustion. The devices trigger an alarm when they sense a rapid rise in temperature or when a certain temperature is reached.

Advantages of Heat -Detector

Advantages of Rate-of-Rise Thermal detection

  • Responds faster than the fixed temperature detector
  • Not affected by dusty or dirty environments
  • More reliable than smoke detector units
  • Less expensive than smoke detector units
  • Minimal maintenance

Disadvantages of Rate-of-Rise Thermal detection

  • Slower to respond than smoke detectors
  • Will not detect products of combustion
  • Only suitable for protection of property

Heat Detector Price in Pakistan

The price of Heat Detector in Pakistan is governed mainly by its international approvals like EN-54 for Europe or the UL Listed for USA. Average Heat Sensor Price range is PKR 2,000.00 – 6,000.00 for conventional sensor.


Heat Detector in Islamabad / Rawalpindi

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 Heat Detector in Lahore

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Heat Detector in Karachi

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