1 & 2 ZONE

The I one & two zones conventional control panel, offers a creatively designed and aesthetically pleasing solution for smaller cost-conscious projects demanding simplicity of operation.The programmable features included in this panel are: programmable time delay and Day/Night mode.Operation is extremely intuitive , offering simple control and one-button disablement facilities, as well as the one man test mode which provides simple and efficient testing of the system.






2,4 & 8 ZONE

The range of conventional control panels features three models with 2, 4 and 8 Zones of detection. Housed in a stylish modern ABS housing, It is the ideal control panel for smaller installations. (detector bases must be fitted with Diode)
Programmable Zone coincidence and alarm delay timer (0-10 min) are standard features to help reduce false alarms.The one man test facility enables simple and rapid testing of the system at commissioning and during maintenance operations.

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