Full body Harness in Pakistan

Full body harness is the most important part of safety equipment as it covers a wide range of professions where height is involved. The most important role of the full body harness is to equally balance and distribute the force of fall of the person who is wearing it that will in return reduce the risk factors of injuries and other accidents.

Connection hooks and D-Rings are the main parts to which the lanyards and life lines are attached for better safety. Full body harness will reduce the risk of falling from heights using proper lanyards and lifelines and can work safely at heights.

Full body Harness in Pakistan
Full body Harness in Pakistan


First of all we must have understanding about the parts of full body- harness so in this way we know how to use it and to ensure it will provide protection against heights. Shoulder straps are the main parts of full body- harness as they provide protection to the upper body of the wearer.

Other parts of the full body- harness include:

  • Chest Strap- Provide strength to the chest and upper part of body.
  • Leg Strap- provide good hold to the legs.
  • D-Ring- helps body to stay in upright position in the event of fall.
  • Lanyard- provide link to the fall secure point.
  • Shock-Absorber- absorb the shocks in case of sudden fall so body remain stable.
  • Snap Hook- it make a connection of lanyard to the rope or something to point of swing

Full body harness- ex our store

We deal in full body- harness and supply them from reliable suppliers as they have all the safety standards ensured. Our full body- harnesses can be useful for all construction workers, lineman and other workers who have jobs at heights.

We do not compromise in quality as it’s the main part of safety and provide them at reasonable rates.We also help you in choosing the best harness for you and will give you knowledge how to use it as well.

Full body Harness Price in Pakistan

The price of full body- harness depends a lot on various factors that are quality, brands, material used and the features in that product. Full body- harness is a useful safety tool in the field of industry as it provides safety to human life and nothing is more expensive than the life of a human so these full body- harnesses are also expensive depending upon their durability.

There is a wide range of full body harnesses in Pakistan and there are different prices too depending upon their quality there is low price to high price for entry level to the professional level..Conatct Us

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