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Fire Sprinkler System Pakistan – Adams Fire Tech

Fire Sprinkler System

How much do you really know about your fire sprinkler system? Knowing a little bit about the components of your fire sprinkler system can come in handy, especially when your fire protection services technician explains the results of a fire sprinkler system inspection. At Adams Fire Tech, we want to clear up some of the mysteries behind key fire sprinkler inspection terms with a list of all the most important components of your fire sprinkler system.

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Fire Sprinkler System Components

Control valve – the stop valve is usually locked in the open position and painted bright red so you can see it. It is used to stop the flow of water coming into the fire sprinkler system when it is not active. The stop valve is paired with a supervisory switch, which is used to monitor the whether the stop valve is open or closed.

Alarm Check Valve

The alarm check valve controls the flow of water into the fire sprinkler system. It is a one way valve and opens only when the pressure on the sprinkler side of the valve is less than the water supply pressure (i.e. when the fire sprinkler heads are open/sprinkler bulb breaks due to fire). When the fire sprinkler heads open in response to a fire, the valve opens and allows water to flow through the rest of the fire sprinkler system.

Sprinkler Heads

The sprinkler heads are often the only parts of your fire sprinkler system that you see on a daily basis. They are essentially valves that open when exposed to high temperatures. The convenient thing about your fire sprinkler heads is that they allow for the flow of water only in the area under the heads – this means that if you have a small fire in your building, your fire sprinkler system won’t douse your whole office in response.

Alarm Test valve

This valve allows you to test your fire sprinkler system without setting the whole system off. It is located between the alarm valve and the drain on the sprinkler side of the fire alarm and is designed to simulate the flow of water through your fire sprinkler system.

Motorized Bell or Water Gong

If your fire sprinkler system has ever been set off you’ll know exactly what this is. When the fire sprinkler system activates, the flow of water sets off a hammer that strikes against a bell, creating an audible alarm signal.

Ancillary Fire Sprinkler System Components

Pressure switch

The pressure switch monitors your sprinkler system for a fall in water pressure after the alarm valve. These switches are also used with dry sprinkler systems to indicate that the system has activated when monitored by a fire alarm panel that then alerts the building occupants that your fire sprinkler system is going off.

Flow switch

Flow switches monitor the flow of water through different sections of pipe within the automatic fire sprinkler system and determine when to set off the alarm. They usually include a mechanical delay so that minor fluctuations in water pressure won’t trigger the alarm.

Pressure gauge

The pressure gauge, as you might expect, measures the pressure within the fire sprinkler system. Usually there are two gauges fitted to the fire sprinkler system – one that shows the water supply pressure and another that shows the installation pressure.

Knowing something about all the different components of your fire sprinkler system can come in handy the next time your fire protection services technician explains the results of a fire sprinkler system inspection. And remember, if you need fire sprinkler system or its inspection in Islamabad, Lahore or Karachi and even in any part of Pakistan call Adams Fire Tech today!

Types of Fire Sprinkler Head

Pendent Fire Sprinkler Heads

Probably the most common sprinkler head type, pendent fire sprinkler heads hang directly down from the sprinkler pipe. They are standard for a reason, as they are very good at efficiently dispersing water in a wide pattern. Pendent fire sprinkler heads remain visible once they are installed, although the visible amount of the frame, as well as the aesthetics and ‘obtrusiveness’ can vary with the make & model.

Pendent Sprinkler -

Upright Fire Sprinkler Heads

Much as their name implies, upright fire sprinkler heads point upwards, out of the top of the sprinkler pipe – rather than downwards like a pendent head. Because they are above the fire sprinkler pipe, they can sometimes be used to navigate any obstructions in the building/room design – and they are also more protected from dust & ice collection.

Upright fire sprinkler heads are perfect for open ceilings, whether it is an industrial warehouse or a trendy restaurant. Of course, there are no options for recessed or covered upright sprinkler heads – but they can be hidden by the sprinkler pipe itself and don’t stand out among other ducts, pipes, wiring, etc.

Upright Sprinkler -
Upright Sprinkler –


Sidewall Fire Sprinkler Heads

As the name may suggest, sidewall fire sprinkler heads are mounted on their side, on the wall – not from the ceiling. Aside from their positioning, these sprinklers can also be identified by a half-moon, or solid rectangular, deflector to match their function. They are most often used when ceiling fire sprinkler pipe is not available or if obstructions cause problems for other types of sprinkler heads. Sidewall fire sprinkler heads are often designed to be used in narrow or otherwise small spaces like halls & closets.

Horizontal Sidewall Sprinkler -
Horizontal Sidewall Sprinkler –

Concealed Sprinkler Heads

Concealed sprinkler heads use a recessed design along with a decorative cover or cap to completely hide sprinkler heads from view. This design is used when looks matter, and obvious fire sprinkler heads would disturb the professional look and aesthetics of an office building, conference room, or other building.

Concealed Pendent Sprinkler -
Concealed Pendent Sprinkler –

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Fire Sprinkler Price in Pakistan

Fire Sprinkler pricing is based on type of sprinkler ( pendent sprinkler, upright sprinkler, Sidewal sprinkler, Concealed sprinkler), International approvals for sprinklers (UL Approved Sprinklers , UL & FM Approved Sprinklers) etc. Please contact us to exactly know the price of fire sprinkler as per your project requirement.

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