Fire Rated Doors

Fire rated doors provide a fire-resistance rating (sometimes referred to as a fire protection rating) and are used as part of a passive fire protection system to reduce the spread of fire and smoke between separate compartments of a structure or building and to enable safe egress from a building or structure.

Fire Rated Doors, UL Listed
Fire Rated Doors, UL Listed

Please contact us via email or call 0345 7772324. Adams Fire Tech (Pvt) Ltd offers you the facility of “One Stop Shop” for all your safety requirements. NAFFCO , SFFECO brands Fire Rated Doors with UL & BS standards can be supplied as per customer requirement.

What are Fire Doors Made Of

Fire rated door can be made with a combination of timber, steel, gypsum, and aluminium. Fire rated doors can also have windows, which are made from borosilicate or ceramic glass (both of which offer a higher fire resistance than standard glass), and may contain an anti-shattering wire mesh.

Fire rated doors specifications

Fire rated doors specifications is a user dictate and depends on customer requirement woing to his occupancy requirement.
However, our supplied or manufactured fire rated doors meet the below mentioned specifications

UL Listed , EN 1634-1 standards
Certification for 60 , 90 and 120 minutes fire rating.
Produced in both standard and customised sizes.
Constantly stocked on standard sizes (quick delivery in standard sizes)
Standard sizes (wall opening dimensions)
900 x 2050 / 1000 x 2050
900 x 2100 / 1000 x 2100
900 x 2150 / 1000 x 2150

The doors are coated with electrostatic powder coating process in our modern robotic coating line.
The standard color is RAL 9002, however any requested RAL color can be applied.
The door frame and the door leaf can be coated in different RAL colors.

The interior and exterior of the door leaf can also be coated in different colors.
Door leaf has 63 mm thickness and produced from 0.80 mm thick galvanised steel.
Door frame is produced from 1.50 mm galvanized steel.

Galvanized steel is used in the production of door frames and door leaves therefore the doors are highly enduring to corrosion.
The galvanized steel has a special surface suitable for electrostatic powder coating.
Due to its unique sectional design, the door frame and door leaf are very rigid.

High-quality thermo expanding (intumescent) seal on the frame.
Weather seal slots are present on the door frame. Depending on the customer demands, air and sound insulating seals are also provided. (optional)
The doors are equipped with heavy-duty hinges with ball bearing (one).
One of the hinges is self-closing (spring hinge). This hinge keep the door constantly closed.

Coordinator can be installed to the double winged doors in order for the door leaves to close in coordination. (optional)
Each door frame is installed using universal dowels directly to the wall. There is no need for extra metal profile frames which yields cost advantage.

Delivery of dowels are optional.By the use of floor mounting brackets (specially developed based on experience) the vertical frame profiles can be
fixed to the floor. This creates a rigid connection between the door frame and the construction structure. As a result, problems such as twisting of
the bottom part of the frame do not arise in the following periods.Supporting plates are present inside the door leaves for installation of optional
equipment (e.g. door closer) Door frames are designed in 3 disassembled pieces.

If a full frame is requested, the fire doors can be made suitable for a full frame covering the whole wall with the extra profile frames provided. For doors which will be used with an access control unit, top quality electrical strike (tested for 1 million cycles) can be applied during production as an optional accessory.Windows are possible. Stock sizes are 500 x 500 mm and 300×400 mm.

Lock specially designed to be used in left and right doors.
Lock has double function; panic and anti-panic.
By use of a setscrew the lock can be switched to panic from anti-panic.

Types of Fire Rated Doors

Though the fire rated doors can be Steel Fire Doors or the wooden fire Doors but the most commonly specified integrity levels are:
FD30 – 30 minutes
FD60 – 60 minutes
FD90 – 90 minutes
FD120 – 120 minutes

Fire Door Purpose

Fire doors create a passive fire safety system, protecting commercial buildings from the spread of fire by confining it to a specific area for a longer period of time. This allows people within the building enough time to escape via alternative routes which might otherwise be cut off by fire.They are a legal requirement for particular buildings, including for flats and commercial property, but the prime purpose for fire doors is to save precious lives and halt the progress of a destructive fire.

Fire Door Price in Pakistan

Emergency Exit or Fire Rated Doors (Steel), Size: 3’x7′ . Rating: 60 Min / 1 Hour.
Also available in 60, 90, 120 minute fire protection and other sizes. (Door Only Without Hardware).
Standard Price is 59,000.00 (Just the Door without Hardware like Handle, Panic Bar, Trim Locks etc).

Our Fire Rated Doors can be supplied to Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar , Faisalabad or any other location in Pakistan


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