Fire alarm system is a vital equipment as per NFPA 72 and mandatory requirement for all buildings.sounds when smoke, fire, carbon monoxide or different crises are available. These cautions might be enacted from smoke detectors  and Heat detectors. Cautions can be either mechanized Fire Alarm Bells or sounders or horns. They can likewise be Sounder strobes which sound an alert, trailed by a voice clearing message which caution individuals inside the building not to utilize the lifts.


They may likewise be initiated by means of manual call point , for example, manual call point or pull stations. Fire sounders can be set to specific frequencies and distinctive tones including low, medium and high, contingent upon the nation and producer of the gadget. Most fire alert frameworks in Europe sound like a siren with substituting frequencies. Fire caution sounders in the United States and Canada can be either persistent or set to various codes, for example, Code 3. Fire caution cautioning gadgets can likewise be set to various volume levels. Littler structures may have the caution set to a lower volume and bigger structures may have alerts set to a larger amount.


Now available in black, the innovative S-Quad range of multi-sensors combines the most advanced sensing technologies with alarm functionality.

Fires are detected using a range of sensing elements including heat, smoke and CO. Using patented dual angle optical scatter S-Quad offers reliable detection and enhanced false alarm reduction. The use of programmable sensitivity states also means S-Quad can be configured to address specific known risks such as steam and dust, allowing it to significantly reduce potential false alarms.

S-Quad is ideal for providing a safe and effective alarm system with simple compliance with the needs of the Equality Act 2010. This unique range also offers significant cost savings; with up to four separate functions in one device (sensor, sounder, strobe and speech) which means less cabling.



S-Quad Sensor and Sensor Sounder

S-Quad Sensor and Sensor Sounder

S-Quad leads the industry in fire sensing technology. A complete range of devices sensors with a unique combination of sensing elements to provide quick, intelligent fire decisions.

The innovative S-Quad multi-sensor is capable of detecting the products of combustion such as heat, smoke and carbon monoxide. Smoke detection is enhanced using patented dual optical scatter technology. This allows it to be configured to filter specific risks such as steam and dust, resulting in significantly reduced false alarms.

S-Quad’s inherent flexibility means it can be programmed to suit specific site applications. Different sensitivity states are set to incorporate combinations of optical, dual optical, heat and CO sensing elements. States can be selected depending on the different conditions in a room or a time period when interference may be more likely.





S-Quad Sensor, Sounder and Visual Alarm

The S-Quad range of multifunction devices includes sensors with sounder, speech and EN54-23 certified visual alarms. This allows the maximum flexibility for designers providing cover for a building. The advanced sensing technology is enhanced with a device that can alert building occupants with a highly visible visual alarm and a recorded voice message to ensure all occupants are alerted to an emergency.

Innovative design has allowed the LED visual alarm to be built into the centre of the sensor with the sounder and speech circuits inside providing a neat and aesthetic solution to multi function devices.

The visual alarm and voice messages are synchronised across each control panel ensuring a clear unambiguous message to building occupiers.




Gent’s low-current S-Cubed range incorporates a sounder, voice sounder and an EN54-23 certified visual alarm in one device. Advanced loop powered technology means that S-Cubed is the most efficient loop powered sounder in the industry where a whole loop of sounders could be powered without the need for additional power supplies.

The S-Cubed range is available in red and white housings, and the visual alarm colour is available in red or white.

The sounders provide a high sound output and volume may be adjusted during commissioning or at any time with a hand held infrared “HandiLink” controller.

S-Cubed sounder range is available with a number of options for ingress protection up to IP66 and all S-Cubed sounder devices are compliant with EN54 Part 3.large_prod_138


Beam Detectors

Gent by Honeywell’s S-Quad Beam Sensors provides an enhanced solution for linear beam detection for applications where point detection is either not practical or economic.

Powered and controlled via the loop, the beam is a market leading device with features such as ‘one man alignment and commissioning’ which is achieved using the auto gain setting, this ensure the optimum alignment is reached.

Maintenance of the beam is enhanced with a key operated test feature which simulates the obscuration of the beam in a fire. The Gent loop powered beam is certified to EN54 parts 12 and 17.




Manual Call Points

Manual call points for the Vigilon and Nano system are easy to install and may be mounted on standard installation back boxes or bespoke red back boxes for surface mounting.

Every manual call point is continuously monitored ensuring a trigger is responded to in less than three seconds system wide.

The range includes options for glass and resettable elements and lift-up protective covers. A keyswitch version is also available for areas where tampering or vandalism is expected.

An Environmentally Protected (EP) version with Ingress protection rating IP67 is also available, complete with resettable element, protective cover and backbox.



Duct Smoke Sensor

Gent by Honeywell’s duct smoke sensor has been specifically designed for use in ventilation ducting.

Mounted externally to the duct, the device uses venturi probe technology to sample the air for smoke. If smoke is detected, the device triggers the shut down of air-conditioning or ventilation systems to isolate the hazard and prevent it spreading.




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