Tested Fire Fighting Equipments in Pakistan 2024

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Fire Fighting Equipment List

A fire fighting equipment is important to know for fighting the fire when a fire outbreaks. Disasters may happen, natural disasters like earthquakes or floods cannot be controlled by human beings but some disasters can be controlled by humans.

Fire also belongs to such disasters which can be controlled with the help of fire fighting equipment.

There is a long list of fire fighting equipment for extinguishing the fire. The purpose of designing different firefighting equipment is to fight the different classes of fire.

The fire can outbreak due to different materials and it spreads due to the burning of different materials like paper, cloth, oil, etc. The fire is divided into different classes depending upon the material which is burning during the fire.

Different places contain different assets and materials therefore the classes of fire differ. So, knowing that, which class of fire will be extinguished with which fire fighting equipment is compulsory.

Given below is a list of fire fighting equipment which are which is available in 2022 at Adamsfiretech:

1- Fire extinguishers:

Fire extinguishersIt is the most common fire fighting equipment which is used to extinguish a fire. There are different types of fire extinguishers, like CO2 fire extinguishers, water-type fire extinguishers, hallotron fire extinguishers etc.

Each type of fire extinguisher is specially designed for suppressing different classes of fire.

2- Fire Alarm System:

The fire alarm system is a full-fledged system that is able to suppress the fire by detecting the smoke. The alarm rings after sensing the smoke and initiates the fire suppressing systems. Fire alarm systems are mostly automatic.

3- Smoke detectors:

Smoke detectors are simple devices that are installed in homes or buildings almost in every room for detecting the smoke produced by the fire. In this way, the wire can be controlled as soon as it outbreaks.

4- Heat detector:

The heat detector determines the change in temperature of the specific place where they are installed. Knowing about the rise in temperature can prevent the chance of a fire.

5- Fire Hydrant system:

A fire hydrant system has a linked system of pipes, valves, and a water supply. When the fire occurs, the long pipes of fire hydrant systems are dragged near the fire scene, and valves are opened which then supply water with high pressure for extinguishing the fire.

6- Fire suppression system:

A fire suppression system is also a complete system of equipment that is linked together for suppressing the fire. There are different types of fire suppression systems, which are effective for extinguishing different classes of fire.

7- Fire doors:

fire doorsFire doors look like ordinary doors but they are extremely beneficial in their use. These doors, when shut, separate the room with fire from the other rooms. Fire doors also extinguish the fire.

8- Emergency and Safety signs:

Emergency and safety signs are fixed at different places for warning about the expected hazards to the people. These signs can indicate no smoking, slippery surfaces, dangerous curves, and a lot more.

When people see the signs, they become alert and take caution to avoid those accidents.

9- Fire Safety first aid kit:

A fire safety first aid kit contains all the essentials which are effective on the injuries and wounds, that result from the fires. It contains all the ointments and bandages required instantly for burns.

10- Fire Hoses:

Fire hoses are pipes used for carrying the water from one place to another, normally from the water supply source to the fire scene, for extinguishing the fire. Fire hoses vary in terms of width and length.

11- Fire Buckets:

Fire buckets are like ordinary buckets in shape, but they are filled with water, sand, or any other fire-suppressing material. These buckets can be used instantly in case of an emergency.

12- Fire Blankets:

As the name indicates fire blankets are blanket-like things, which are made for extinguishing a fire. The fire blanket is wrapped over the burning objects or persons.

13- Flamezorb:

Flamezorb is spread on the fire as sand but it is more effective than sand. It immediately stops the fire.

14- Fire sprinklers:

Fire sprinklers are small fire fighting equipment with big advantages. Fire sprinklers sense the rise in temperature and initiate the fire fighting system which extinguishes the fire.

15- Fire suit/ Firefighter gear:

Fire suit/ Firefighter gear is made for the firefighters for safety while extinguishing the fire. This suit is necessary to wear before jumping into fire otherwise the firefighters may lose their lives. It contains all accessories to cover every body part.

16- Fire Fighting vehicle:

A fire fighting vehicle is beneficial because it is mobile and it can easily move from one place to another for extinguishing a fire.  They can carry heavy fire fighting equipment from one place to another.

17- Fire Cabinet:

A fire Cabinet is a safe place for keeping the fire hoses, used to extinguish the fire by carrying the water from one place to another. A fire cabinet ensures the protection of fire hoses.

18- Fire extinguisher ball:

Fire extinguisher ball is just like football in looking, but they contain a fire fighting agent inside them. Fire extinguisher balls are thrown on the fire, they burst with the heat and spread the fire fighting agent on the fire and the fire extinguishes.

19- Firefighting pumps:

Fire fighting pumps are electrically operated pumps. These pumps help the water to travel from the water source to the fire scene. These pumps generate pressure in the water which proves more effective in extinguishing the fire.

20- Firefighter gloves:

Firefighter gloves are designed for the protection of the hands of the firefighters. Hands are the most used organs in fighting against fire therefore, special gloves are designed for them.

what is fire fighting equipment ?

Fire fighting equipment is a collection of tools and appliances used to extinguish fires.

what is fixed fire fighting equipment?

Fixed fire fighting equipment is a fire fighting system that is permanently installed in a building or structure. It is designed to automatically extinguish a fire or to provide a source of water or other extinguishing agent for firefighters to use.

How to use fire fighting equipment?

Only use fire fighting equipment if you are trained to do so. If you are not sure how to use a fire extinguisher, it is best to evacuate the area and call the fire department.

what is first aid fire fighting equipment?

First aid fire fighting equipment is a type of fire fighting equipment that is designed to be used by people without specialized training. It is typically used to extinguish small fires in the early stages before they become too large or dangerous.

Some examples of first aid fire fighting equipment include:

  • Portable fire extinguishers
  • Fire blankets
  • Fire hose reels
  • Fire buckets

Why need fire fighting equipment’s ?

fire fighting Equipment

Adams Fire Tech PVT LTD:

Adamsfiretech is established to meet the needs of people for their safety and protection. We provide the whole list of fire fighting equipment which is must to keep in your homes and other buildings. All this fire fighting equipment , fire safety equipmentis necessary to be purchased.

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