Fire Extinguisher Refilling in Pakistan:

Fire extinguisher refilling
Fire extinguisher refilling

Fire Extinguisher annual refilling in Pakistan is a mandatory requirement by government of Pakistan for all fire extinguisher keepers. Fire extinguishers are the basic fire fighting equipment that are operated as soon as any fire accident occures.

There are different types of Fire extinguishers like Water Type fire extinguishers, Foam Type fire extinguishers, CO2 Fire Extinguisher in Pakistan, DCP Fire Extinguisher in Pakistan and Halotron fire extinguishers. Each type of fire extinguishers has its own specific application as per the classes of Fire. Therefore, a specific fire extinguisher will be suitable for a specific place or hazard type.

Adams Fire Tech (Pvt) Ltd

Please contact  our sales team or whatsapp 0345 7772324 for further assistance. Adams Fire Tech (Pvt) Ltd offers you the facility of “One Stop Shop” for all your safety requirements. Refilling of Fire Extinguisher facility is well established for over a decade. All types of fire extinguishers like DCP Fire Extinguisher , CO2 Fire Extinguisher , Water Fire Extinguisher , AFFF (Foam) Fire Extinguisher, Halotron Fire Extinguisher etc can be refilled and serviced at our facilty.


Business owners tend to think of fire extinguishers as constants — they’re always nearby, ready and waiting if a fire breaks out. But the truth is that fire extinguishers often are not prepared because they haven’t been adequately maintained. There are countless instances of employees attempting to fight an incipient-stage fire with a portable extinguisher only to discover too late that the fire extinguisher refilling is not done — even if it has never been used before.

Business owners need to understand the importance of fire extinguisher refilling. This process is an essential aspect of fire extinguisher service and maintenance and cannot be ignored.

Why Fire Extinguishers Need to be Recharged

An undercharged, expired, or depressurized fire extinguisher can endanger your personnel and property. Commercial and industrial facilities need their fire extinguishers recharged by trained fire protection professionals to meet local codes, OSHA requirements, and insurance company recommendations.

Fire protection companies have the tools, training, and knowledge to ensure fire extinguishers are in peak working condition and appropriately refilled with the correct extinguishing agent. A qualified fire protection service provider will have deep expertise recharging all types of fire extinguishers, including:

  • ABC dry chemical
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Wet chemical
  • Water
  • Foam
  • Clean agent or halogen

Installation of Fire extinguishers in Pakistan:

Installation of Fire extinguishers in Pakistan at different places is an important phenomenon because it helps in overcoming fire hazards. The professional staff of Adamstechfire, is ready to install your fire extinguisher at your homes, schools, offices, filling stations, shopping malls, etc.

Maintenance of fire extinguisher:

Maintenance of fire extinguisher, is as important as installing a fire extinguisher, in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, and Karachi Pakistan. It is important because keeping a faulty fire extinguisher, will increase the risk of damage from a fire, rather than decreasing it. Adams Fire Tech, is again here to help you in fulfilling your need for Fire extinguishers refilling in Pakistan.

Dry chemical powder (DCP) fire extinguisher refilling in Pakistan:

Dry chemical powder (DCP) fire extinguisher refilling in Pakistan, is also available at Adams Fire tech.

DCP fire extinguisher is suitable for suppressing class A, B, and E fires. Two chemical powders are used as a fire extinguishing agent in the DCP fire extinguishers, mono ammonium phosphate, and ammonium sulfate powder. They have a fixed ratio for the refilling of DCP fire extinguishers in Pakistan.

Halotron clean agent (HCFC) Fire extinguisher refilling in Pakistan:

A fixed ratio of two gases, halotron HCFC and dry nitrogen, is used as a fire fighting extinguishing agent in halotron. The refilling of halotron clean agent HCFC fire extinguisher in Pakistan should maintain the same proportion of these two gases.HCFC fire extinguishers expel the agent instantly and suppress the fire in a few seconds.

Water type fire extinguisher refilling in Pakistan:

Water-type fire extinguisher refilling in Pakistan is a must for water-type fire extinguishers. Water-type fire extinguishers are further classified into:

1- Water jet.

2- Water spray.

3- Water with additives.

4- Water mist/fog.

This fire extinguisher is useful for class A fires. Beware! using it on electrical fire is extremely dangerous.

AFFF foam type fire extinguisher refilling in Pakistan:

AFFF foam-type fire extinguisher operates on the smothering principle. It produces a cooling effect on the fire for extinguishing it. Carbon dioxide (CO2) fire extinguisher refilling in Pakistan:

Carbon dioxide CO2 fire extinguisher refilling in Pakistan is another service to facilitate the people using CO2 fire extinguishers.

Carbon dioxide eliminates the supply of oxygen from the fire triangle and extinguishes the fire. It is effective for extinguishing electrical fires.more

Importance of refilling fire extinguishers:

The importance of refilling fire extinguishers cannot be denied. Installation, maintenance and refilling of fire extinguishers, everything is compulsory. It is best if you choose a trained person for carrying out these tasks. But if you decide to do all this on your own you have to be very careful. It is necessary to take safety precautions for avoiding any mishap.

Refilling of fire extinguishers should carry out instantly when they are used for extinguishing a fire. Other than that, after a year or six months must check your fire extinguisher, and if required refill it.

Fire extinguishers refilling in Lahore:

Fire extinguishers refilling in Lahore services are available for the people of Lahore. Fire extinguishers refilling involves carefully examining the fire extinguisher cylinders, fixing the faults if detected, and refilling of the fire extinguishing agent.
The refilling of fire extinguishers is necessary to make the fire extinguishers ready for performing any time.

Fire Extinguishers Refilling Price in Pakistan

Fire Extinguisher refilling price varies with type and size of Fire Extinguisher i.e, DCP Fire Extinguisher, CO2 Fire Extinguisher,  AFFF (Foam) Fire Extinguisher, Water Fire Extinguisher or Kitchen Fire Extinguisher. Please contact  our sales team or whatsapp 0345 7772324 for pricing and further details.

Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher Refilling Price

Clean Agent Fire Extinguishers are the state of the art fire suppression solution for all microprocessor based electronics equipment. They should be properly maintained on regular basis to ensure avaialability in case of accident. To know the clean agent fire extinguisher refilling price, please contact  our sales team or whatsapp 0345 7772324 and further details.

Adams Fire Tech PVT LTD:

You must be worried about choosing a company for refilling of fire extinguishers in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Pakistan. Adams fire tech is an ultimate solution for your worries. If you type “Fire Extinguisher Refilling Near Me” pharase on googles, you can conveniently locate us in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. If you are looking for the best service vendor for refilling of fire extinguishers, Adams Fire Tech (Pvt) Ltd should be your first priority.Please  Contact Us  for your needs.

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