A Fire Ball Extinguisher is a fire fighting device, which is extremely helpful in easy extinguishing fire. It is a small device that can be held easily in the hand. For extinguishing the fire with the fire ball extinguisher, we just have to throw it on fire from a distance.

A person will stay safe from the heat of fire because he will be at a safe distance. Furthermore,it is not harmful to living things and the environment because the fire extinguishing agent spreads in the air after extinguishing the fire.

What is a fire ball?

Fire ball extinguisher
Fire ball extinguisher

It is a small fire fighting device filled with fire extinguishing agent used to extinguish the fire re easily.

What is the use of Fire Extinguisher Ball?

A fire extinguisher ball   is used for extinguishing the fire.

Are Fire Balls Safe?

Yes, they are fully safe.

Working of Fire Extinguisher Ball:

There is a filament in the fire extinguisher ball. When it is thrown into the fire, the filament catches the fire, and when it reaches the fire extinguishing agent, a built-in alarm rings and a blast happens, and the fire extinguishing agent inside the fire extinguisher ball spreads in 360 degrees to extinguish the fire. Usually, ABC dry chemical powder is used as a fire extinguisher agent.

Fire extinguisher ball can be kept between the temperature of minus 40 to 80 degrees Celsius. It is small, therefore, it can be kept in small spaces. We can easily keep them in cars and other vehicles in different types of machinery at homes and at offices. The time taken for the activation of fire extinguisher ball is 3 to 5 seconds.

As we can see a fire extinguisher ball is extremely beneficial, it is even further divided into different types for making it more efficient for different classes of fire.

Types of Fire Extinguisher Balls:

AFO Fire Extinguisher Ball :

The sphere of the AFO fire extinguisher ball contains ABC dry chemical powder in it. This powder is capable of extinguishing different classes of fire so, the AFO fire extinguisher ball can be kept in different areas like schools, areas with electrical equipment, offices, etc.

Ice Ball Fire Extinguisher:

The inner area of ICE ball fire extinguisher is also filled with ABC dry chemical powder. So, it also efficiently extinguishes different classes of fire. It takes 3 to 10 seconds for the whole process of extinguishing the fire.

You can install it in different institutes, banks, stores, and other places.

Elide Fire Ball Extinguisher:

The working mechanism of Elide fire ball extinguisher is the same as the other fire ball extinguishers. When we throw it on the fire it activates and extinguishes the fire in a few seconds.

Aqua Fire Ball Extinguisher:

Aqua Fire extinguisher ball  weighs 1.3 kgs. It is also capable of extinguishing different classes of fire. This feature makes its uses diverse. These are considerable for keeping in commercial areas.

Installation of fire ball extinguisher:

Installation of fire ball extinguishers is easy and simple. It does not need any training or technical staff. There are some areas that are at higher risk of catching fire. Find those areas, mount brackets on the walls, and keep the fire ball extinguishers in them.

Benefits of Fire Extinguisher Ball

There are a lot of benefits of our ball extinguishers like:

Instant Response:

Fire ball extinguisher instantly responds to extinguishing the fire in 3 to 10 seconds.

Automatically Operated:

Fire Ball extinguishers are able to operate automatically. So, their usage is free from the worry of being manually operated.


Fire ball extinguishers are thrown on the fire, from a significant distance so these are safe for use.

Environment Friendly:

Fire ball extinguisher contains a dry chemical in them, which goes into the air after extinguishing the fire, so it keeps the environment clean.

No Training Required:

Due to its easy to use mechanism, there is no training required for operating fire ball extinguisher.

No maintenance:

The fire ball extinguisher has a life of 5 years, in which it can be used without any maintenance.

Easy to Handle:

Fire ball extinguishers are lightweight. So, throwing them on the fire is easy.more


Fire ball extinguishers are small-sized fire fighting equipment that fights the fire in a few seconds, and their throwing is easy because they are light in weight. Additionally, they can be used on almost all classes of Fire.

Fire extinguisher ball price in Pakistan:

As the fire extinguishers ball   are available in different types and from different brands, therefore, the price range varies, Adamsfiretech offers affordable prices of fire ball extinguishers in Pakistan.

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