Fire Alarm System in Pakistan

The Fire Alarm System is designed for warning about the presence of smoke, a toxic gas carbon monoxide, or fire. There are particular sensors that sense these toxic elements and make an alarm that alerts people to take caution..

Purpose of fire alarm system

The purpose of the fire alarm system is very important, it alerts the people about the presence of toxic things as well as:

1- They sense the presence of heat, smoke, and fire.

2- Fire alarm systems are equipped with alarms that can be heard and seen, for alerting the audience.

3- They immediately start the protection function, like activating the fire sprinkler system, etc.

Types of fire alarm systems:

There are different types of fire alarm systems like:

Conventional Fire Alarm System:

In a conventional fire alarm system, there are many call points and detectors. There are different zones in the call points for dividing the building into small divisions, to exactly detect the area and reason for fire, and to overcome it easily. Any sort of bell or sound is connected with the control panel for producing sounds. Every zone contains either light, texts, or both. The whole system is controlled by the main unit.

Addressable fire alarm system:

Addressable alarm system and conventional fire alarm system works similarly. The only is that, there is a specific ‘address’ for every detector in the addressable fire alarm system. This feature helps in detecting the exact call point that triggers the alarm.

The formation of the detection circuit is a loop like, in every loop even 99 devices can be connected. There are different sections for dividing the loops so that if a fault occurs, only a limited area gets damaged and the rest of the area keeps on working properly.

Intelligent fire alarm system:

The intelligent  alarm system is the latest fire alarm system. All detectors of these alarm systems have their own computers, which helps in detecting the accurate reason of the alarm’s ringing. The reason for alarm can be a fire, any fault, or fixing of detectors.

There are different versions of intelligent alarm systems depending upon the number of loops. You can choose the version that suits the size of your building.

Wireless fire alarm system:

As the name indicates, the wireless alarm system is free from the trouble of wires. All the components are interconnected with the help of radio communications. There is a control panel that operates the whole system.

Importance of fire alarm systems:

Fire Alarm System
Fire Alarm System alarm systems have undeniable importance. They are installed in almost every building for protection purposes. When a hazard is reported at the early stages, it is easy to overcome which minimizes the damage. People can instantly escape from dangerous situations after hearing the warning alarms from the fire alarm systems.more



Fire alarm systems are installed in various buildings to make sure that they can alert people about any toxic element, which in turn ensures the safety of everything. There are different components of a  alarm system. The detectors are present in them which can sense heat, smoke, carbon monoxide, or other toxic elements.

Different types of fire alarm systems like addressable fire alarm systems, conventional  fire alarm systems, intelligent fire alarm systems, and wireless fire alarm systems can be selected for installation in the buildings.


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