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Fire Alarm System is your 24/7 Sentry which never sleeps to keep you well informed and generates alerts whenever there is potential threat to your asset. Adams Fire Tech is a full-service, a non-proprietary fire alarm system maintenance,inspection, and monitoring company. From routine fire alarm system inspections to large-scale upgrades, Adams Fire Tech is the company you can count on to keep your fire alarm system maintained and within code. Our project managers and qualified fire alarm system specialists are well versed in NFPA codes and local AHJ requirements for fire alarm system maintenance.

As your fire and security partner, we will maintain your existing fire alarm system or design and install a new one. We can work with you to create a plan to migrate your outdated fire alarm systems to newer, addressable systems often recommended by the local AHJ. We can also provide a phased plan to help with budgeting upgrades. Our reasonably priced fire alarm system maintenance and servicing rates set us apart from our competition.

Why Fire Alarm System Maintenance Required

How well does the fire alarm system in your commercial building work? If you aren’t conducting regular fire alarm system maintenance 24/7, chances are you don’t even know.

Fire alarms system can degrade over time. A fire alarm system’s performance can also be compromised by dirt, dust or vandalism. If you’re currently remodeling your facility, your smoke detectors may also be degraded by debris and accidents. Fire alarm system maintenance and regular inspection and testing can help you overcome these problems, ensuring you have a fire alarm system that works properly.

How Old Is Your Fire Alarm System?

Do you know your fire alarm system’s age and maintenance history? A system under 5 years old doesn’t usually require much maintenance, and if it does malfunction, it’s likely due to poor installation procedures or voltage transients. A fire alarm system between 5 and 10 years old may develop problems due to environmental factors. Temperature and humidity, as well as voltage fluctuations, can create false fire alarms.

A system between 10 and 15 years old can provide viable protection if it’s scrupulously maintained. If it hasn’t been well maintained, system malfunction is likely. However, a system that’s nearing 20 years old is a definite risk, as it may be approaching the end of its usefulness. If it’s well maintained, you may continue to get use out of it.

Fire Alarm Maintenance 7/24 – Procedures

Here are some procedures you’ll want to adapt for your Fire Alarm Maintenance 24/7:

  • Check daily to ensure the fire alarm system, fire alarm circuits,smoke detectors are functioning correctly. Record faults and failures and fix then them.
  • Test at least one smoke detector , call point weekly, as well as smoke and flame detectors. Make sure to calibrate alarm sensors.
  • With systems that have numerous zones (more than 13), test more than one zone weekly.
  • Check the automatic release of fire doors weekly. Also, on a weekly basis, check fire alarm circuits for disconnections of alarm sounder or transmission signals.
  • Make a weekly report of defects and alert the appropriate person to fix any problems.
  • Examine batteries and connections quarterly and replace as needed.
  • Check fire alarm circuits for functions of indicating and control equipment quarterly. Also, test the fire alarm sounders quarterly, as well as links to independent monitoring companies.
  • Every four months, make sure there are no obstructions around smoke detectors.
  • Ensure that a competent individual reviews your system on an annual basis, even if quarterly procedures have been carried out. This includes checking smoke detectors for correct operation.
  • Arrange for an annual inspection of cable fittings and equipment, confirming they’re secure and protected, not damaged.
  • Obtain a certificate of testing after it’s determined that all of the above inspections and corrections have been made.

The National Fire Protection

Association publishes the National Fire Alarm Code for fire alarm system maintenance , which may be consulted as a guideline for Fire Alarm installation, Fire Alarm maintenance 24/7 and testing of fire alarm systems. Local authorities with jurisdiction, as well as insurance companies, also publish recommendations for life safety systems.

Also, remember that standards are sometimes set for minimum fire alarm maintenance and safety. Depending on the conditions your fire alarm system must function under, you may want to take more stringent measures.

Unless you have the budget to keep a trained fire safety expert on staff for fire alarm maintenance, your system may not be getting the attention it needs. Facility staff seldom have the necessary training to competently test these systems. You might consider contracting the service. Make sure technicians are certified by the National Institute for Certification of Engineering Technologies, with a specialization in fire alarm system safety.

Our goal is to help educate our customers about Fire Protection System and Fire Alarm Systems in Mechanical, Commercial, and Residential settings. For more information on how to improve indoor air quality in the office, or to view projects we’ve worked on, visit our website!

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