Cable Lockout Devices 

What are Cable Lockout Devices

Cable lockouts are incredibly versatile as they are perfect for all of your unusual energy isolating devices that are difficult to lockout. Compact, lightweight body is made of rugged impact modified glass filled nylon giving them superior chemical, corrosion and temperature resistance properties.

Cable Lockout Devices
Cable Lockout Device Uses

Cable locks are very flexible in their use and construction as well since cables wrap around equipment and an anchor point and lock with a key, combination, or both to prevent tampering , theft or unauthorized use. They’re used with items that cannot be secured with a padlock, like portable equipment, tools, bikes, and computers.

Placement of Cable Lockout Device

A device is placed over, around, or through the energy-isolating mechanism to lock it in the off or safe position, and only the person attaching it applies a removable lock to the apparatus.

Cable Lockout Device Price

Since there is variety of Cable Lockout Devices, therefore, you may contact our sales team on 051-2617505-6 or whatsapp to +92 345 7772324. Price varies from $5-$30.You may email us at Contact Us

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